Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Joe's Blog

I'm still fighting a cold, I'm starting to feel better ... or I tell my self I am. We arrived in Manchester last night for the Paradigm annual conference which begins this morning. We've been here for years and know a lot of the people who are attending or presenting. Moments after getting into our room we recieved a phone call about meeting up for drinks. I am doing the afternoon keynote tomorrow, I have a cold, there was no way I was tempting fate by going out. I encouraged Joe to go, he knows as many people as I do.

It was actually nice to have some time on my own. I fiddled on the computer, rearranged my notes for the keynote tomorrow, lay down and read my book. A couple hours later, Joe was back. He was full of stories of the evening and came bearing 'hello's' from a number of friends. But he was going on an on about a woman he had me who was so ... funny ... she had been knocking back glasses of red wine ... joking about her husband and telling tales about her honeymoon in Paris.

"Right now, I wish I had a blog," he said.

I was glad he had a good time but ... really. "So this woman works with Amanda?" I asked, trying to get the picture. "No, no, no, she's here attending the conference with Amanda, she has Down Syndrome."

"Honeymoon in Paris?"

"I know! But it wasn't what she did that impressed me, it's who she was. She was just so ... so ... undamaged by life. I promise you, tomorrow when you meet her, you'll see more than just a story to blog about, you'll see ... I don't know ... hope."


LinMac said...

I can't wait hear all about is lady. As a mom of a three year old with DS I'm always on the lookout for HOPE!

Kei said...

I can't wait to hear all about her.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

max said...

Lovely to hear your in Manchester not very far away from us.
Would be lovely for you to meet my Dominic 3 DS and for me to meet you.
Looking forwards to tommorrows blog.

Mieke said...

Being undamaged by life: so important! In a way you could say it makes up for the "ordeal" it sometimes must be to be "different from the others."

Anonymous said...

I'm curious too! I hope to read about her soon!

Susan said...

Leaving us hanging until tomorrow, eh? Sometime I wish Joe had a blog, too! :o)

Jeff said...


Sounds like a great trip. I have not been to Manchester for years but it is one of my favorite places. Is the Gardens Hotel still at the city center? And what is the name of that really great Chinese place in China town?

Wow they had great food.