Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sexy Beast

"He's so getting laid," Joe said looking back into the bar behind me. The traffic had been terrible between Glasgow and Edinburgh. First it took two hours to cross the top of Glasgow and then another hour to make it round Edinburgh's city bypass. Three hours and fifteen minutes to go less than forty miles. We were exhausted.

After getting into the room we decided to go for a quick drink in the 'bistro bar' attached to the hotel. I desperately wanted a tea, Joe wanted something frothier. We sit and begin to chat about the day and the people we'd met in Glasgow. We were both full of the good feeling of having met nice people who responded well to the challenges and ideas in the presentation.

Then Joe noticed a couple in a darker corner of the hotel and comments that they were clearly 'into each other'. I carefully glance around and see them. "Yep, they were on the slippery slope that leads to slippery sport. Eyes glued to each other, conversation quiet and husky, his eyes burned, hers smoldered. It's a hotel. You expect this.

We ordered one more for the road. This loses it's romaticism when the one more is green tea, but Joe was keeping faith for the family with a Stella 'Stash. The couple finished their drinks and then made ready to leave. We both kind of winked at each other wondering how fast they'd be making mattress music once they got to the room.

The man was standing now and offered his arm to the woman, who smiled up at him and took his arm. She then swung round to gather two crutches and expertly fitted the arm braces to her forearms. They were off. Both walking with real purpose past us and into the hotel.

A perfectly natural sight. Young lovers in love. I looked quickly around and saw nothing, but maybe envy, on the faces of others in the room.

OK, I like this a momentary break in the monotonous routine of disability prejudices and preconceptions. A woman can be beautiful and breathy with a body on crutches. Think television will ever catch up?


Belinda said...

A beautiful moment captured in your words. Next you'll be head hunted for "The Young and the Restless!" :)

Seriously though, love is love is love. As I grow older and less perfect--heck I never was "perfect"-- I am grateful for love that sees the soul and loves the package it comes in.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hey, enough with the prejudice ;) lots of us are sexy and disabled you know! BG x
PS, hope your trip is improving

rechal said...

"The slippery slope that leads to slippery sport"? You naughty boy.

When I lived in Manhattan, my next-door neighbor was a woman who was both a lawyer and a CPA. She also happened to have been born without arms and legs, but with blonde hair, a beautiful face, and GREAT tits. Which she always showed off at the many parties we had, usually wearing a black velvet bustier, to the joy of the many young men at these parties.

I used to tease her, telling her what a slut what she was for dressing like that, and she'd just shrug and say, "Well, it's not like I have great legs. Gotta work with what you have."

Maddy said...

You should see the looks I get when I kiss my boyfriend, either in crutches or in my wheelchair, we do more than we normally would in public just to make a point! so happy thiscouple were so in love