Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lucky to be Free?


Had all sorts of plans for today.

Got up and didn't want to do them.

Wanted to watch T.V.

Wanted to surf the web.

Wanted to make a spaghetti sauce.

Wanted to spend time with tea and a book.

Wanted to spend the day in my housecoat.

Planned to go to the gym.

Planned to go to the mall.

Planned to pick up a book waiting for me at the store.

Planned to be active in my community.

Didn't want to do it.

So I didn't.

And it's awful to realize.

That I can make this decision.

Solely because I don't have a staff.

I don't have a plan.

I don't have an outing checklist.

Sometimes living freely in the community.

Is shown best by simply staying at home.

And saying 'to hell with plans.'

It shouldn't be luck that I'm free.

But it is.

And that fact scares me.


Lauralee said...

There are so many who have so little freedom at all. It is so discouraging. When we moved from institutions to community housing lives were supposed to be changed. For the better.

Perhaps it has. For some. I hope. But from what ive seen? Not even a little bit. They have lost, not gained.

All loses, no gains... and people are so proud of their accomplishments. Their own, not the people they support's.

I need to get back on my soapbox (aka my blog)

CJ said...

It depends. It depends on the staff. Some trot the group around like they are one entity. Others, allow for individual choices. Those staff, are too few.