Saturday, March 03, 2018

No Apologies

There were a few moments yesterday where I felt that it's all going to be okay. I hadn't felt that for a couple of weeks and it was a relief. One day this week I was making veggies and eggs for breakfast, something I've done a lot and suddenly, I was overwhelmed and couldn't think of what to do next. It was that point that I realized that I needed to create some space that didn't have pressures from work, either job, or the mountain of writing I have to do. I need to breathe.

Taking care of oneself isn't something that comes easily to many of us. There are other needs, more important needs, that take precedent. Then things get shoved aside, for the first time since I started going I haven't gone to the gym for two weeks, haven't done that at home exercises either. Too tired, too stressed, too much stuff I have to do in the evening.

I don't burn out, I wear down.

And that's what I need to deal with now. In two weeks I've not only not been to the gym, I haven't been out at all. Home, work, home, work, home ... two weeks.

I'm going to the gym today.

I'm going grocery shopping.

I'm going to the mall.

I'm going to the movies.

All this weekend. I'm filling it with stuff I like to do. I can't fight for community living and lose the experience of it at the same time.

So bring on the weekend.

Take away the stress.

If you are there, at a spot of being burned out, worn down, or run ragged ... take a breath. Join me. Make this weekend about you, apologetically.


Unknown said...

Self-care is an important aspect of every individual’s life. The balance between work, household activities and self-care needs to be done effectively for a good quality of life. Overload of work can be stressful and overwhelming lead to physical and mental exhaustion and adversely affect one’s ability to work productively. So, everyone needs to make sure that they got enough time for leisure activities or activities out in the community. People with disabilities sometimes face more difficulties with regard to their support hours or bad weather conditions make them difficult to move around. I know a gentleman whom I am supporting become disappointed when his support worker called in or cannot able to go out for his leisure activities. So we need to realize the importance of activities out in the communities are very essential for every one disregard of one’s disability. We need to realize that the support we are giving to individuals should be based on their convenience and interest to make life more enjoyable. Thank you, Dave, for giving information about the importance of leisure activities in one's life.

clairesmum said...

Self care and balance..much easier to say than to do...
for those of us who are committed to using our time and talents in the service of others, the idea that our own needs for care/renewal/play are just as important as our work/mission, etc. is something we need to learn....

I struggle with this daily, and have sorta learned to not blame myself for not taking care of myself better.....
Thanks for the reminder of this need for balance...and enjoy the "not working" weekend!

Megan1526 said...

I am grateful for your reminder Dave. Thanks so much for this. I too don't burn out, but wear down, or more accurately go full face into that brick wall!
I felt that coming fast on Friday afternoon, so I gave myself a good boot out the door. a former building manager of mine would always say: "Ya gotta get out there and blow the stink off ya!" It's so easy to get tunnel vision and think the whole universe will collapse if we stop to breathe; or perhaps sometimes we fear losing our own drive and energy if we relax for a moment.

Unknown said...

Rejuvenation of body and spirit is very essential for a human being. These days people, all, of all walks of life are engrossed in their own affairs that all forget to live for one's self, the idea of destressing which if not done may take a toll on individuals so harshly and silently that they may find themselves lost. so, break the routine, go somewhere, do some activities which are not regular so that people can find time to care themselves, individually.

danielleburgess said...

I really enjoyed reading this as I sometimes forget how important it is to take a breath and take care of myself in the middle of my busy life. It enhances a persons quality of life and you have made me want to remind myself more often to take a day without feeling guilty to do what makes me happy, and breathe! Thanks Dave.

curtis said...

i am very happy to have read read this blog, it is a reminder to us all. I have struggled with taking a breathe and clearing my mind lately. it can be very hard to even realize that it is happening sometimes, when there is so much going on in ones life. i will be taking time to recoup and re-energize very soon, thank you