Saturday, February 03, 2018

Seeds of Discontent

I haven't written a blog for several days. Life doesn't slow down at 65 it speeds up, or maybe it's that it just takes a bit more energy to do what needs to be done. But I have been writing. In the last few days I've had to write letters and make phone calls.

1) I had to write a complaint into the police. A complaint that went completely unanswered.

2) I had to call the newspapers about that complaint.

3) I got by the news desk and was put to a reporter.

4) We talked.

5) She said we will talk again after she checks my facts.

Next ...

1) I had to write a letter to the mayor. It was unanswered.

Next ...

1) I had to write to a government agency to complain about a sub contractor.

2) They gave me a response that was so full of government babble that I actually didn't understand what it said.

3) I wrote and asked.

4) When I did understand the next email it meant that I ...

5) Had to write again and say 'you're kidding, right'

Next ...

1010 calls about my wheelchair.

All of these were disability related. All of these would fall under one of two categories - advocacy for disability rights and access and inclusion or self advocacy for myself as a disabled person.

Some times disability keeps you really, really, really busy.

I felt I was back in the day where I was protesting from a keyboard in all of my free time. The only trouble was back then I believed it would make a difference. Now I believe that I need to do it because silence isn't an option, but I've learned that it seems that not listening is. But my part is done. For now. We'll see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, change will grow from planting seeds of discontent.

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Kit Luce said...

Just read this article online Dave. What do you think?