Thursday, February 08, 2018

Sans Wall

Yesterday morning, buck naked in my bathroom, I attempted to do an exercise that I had been shown the day before by a work colleague. It involved balance. I'm not good at balance. But she had made it look easy, forget the fact that she's been doing it for a year, and I wanted to try.

I'm a wall walker which means I can walk a short distance without falling if I have a wall to touch to help orient myself in space. This has something that hasn't changed no matter how much exercise I do, it just is. But in my head, naked in the bathroom yesterday morning, I thought I'd give it a try sans wall.


I would like to say I managed it for a few seconds but it was immediate catastrophe. There wasn't enough time for me to save myself or brace myself. I crashed into the bathroom counter leaving a first welt then bruise.

And it really. Really. Hurt.

In talking to my coworker she was all apologetic and I stopped her and said, "I'd rather have tried and been bruised than not tried and not know."

I feel like that about life a lot.

Particularly life as a disabled person. Limitations suggested by others are often very much lowered and I have had, and I know a lot of disabled people who have had, to fight to try, fight for the right to fail, fight for the possibility of succeeding.

It could have been that I didn't fall.

I did.

I know that now, no wondering.

Except if maybe one more time ...

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clairesmum said...

maybe when the bruise heals...or fully dressed....or with Joe at standby....or at the gym when you are warmed up and already 'in your body, working'....maybe the trainer could help you devise a similar exercise at the gym for that particular skill....
you're good at figuring stuff out...andonly you will know how many attempts you need to gather sufficient data for a decision......or success!