Friday, May 05, 2017

Our Life Changes

Without much hope I went on the website looking for an accessible apartment. The older we both get, the more we really need a place that we are safe in. I was surprised to find that there was one available, it wasn't where we were looking, it wasn't where we had planned to live, but none of that mattered. It was available. We called and set an appointment and Joe went up yesterday to see the place and talk to them about it. He came down in the afternoon and took me up.

We've been here before, looking at accessible apartments and being told that the wait list was very long and, in fact we've been near 10 years on the wait list in Toronto. I didn't really want to go because I really didn't want to get my hopes up. Once there, we were shown around an apartment that was fully accessible and had everything I need to be safe and secure. There are bars where there should be bars, there are ramps where there should be ramps, there are doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

In short it was wonderful.

I asked about the process and waited for the long answer.

Instead we were told that our application, which Joe had filled out in the morning, had been accepted and, if we wanted it, we had a new home.

A new home!

The poor woman had no idea what the impact of that would be on me. I sat in my chair and I just started to cry. I was sitting in a place that would meet my needs as a wheelchair user. I would no longer feel terror when showering. I would no longer have to be only a semi-participant in cooking, which I love to do. I would be able to use every square foot of the place. They even have a lovely ramp into a back yard. I can go outside!

Joe and I quickly agreed and we went over and signed papers and we get the apartment on June 1st and expect to take the month to move and be living there on July 1st. Dominion Day!

We were reeling with the speed of this, we'd waited forever and now this moved so quickly that our heads were swimming as we tried to adjust ourselves to the idea.

Nope, not where we planned to be.

Nope, don't care.


L said...

I'm so happy for you. ^_^

Reading this reminded me of a bitter disappointment I had re housing a few years ago: a house for rent was advertised as "purpose-built wheelchair accessible", with wheelchair height kitchen counters, and grab rails, and level entrance.

When I applied, my application was rejected "because your power wheelchair might scuff up the wooden floors."

That was 2011, and I am STILL angry about it.

Cal said...

Oh, Dave! Joe! I am so happy for you!

wheeliecrone said...


My experience is similar to yours, but it happened for me thirteen years ago. It wasn't where I thought it would be. It has turned to be better than I thought possible!

In the past thirteen years, I have lived in a fully wheelchair accessible villa. With courtyards, front and back.

I am safe, comfortable, and close to shopping. And I can do my own cooking.

It is wonderful.

I am so happy for you and Joe. A safe accessible place!

Diana said...

Tears of joy for you!!

painting with fire said...

Such great news! Congratulations on your new place!

Erin Manning said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news!

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

There needs to be better laws, requiring that more homes be either accessible from the start or at least more easily adaptable. When my wife and I were apartment hunting some years ago, it was a challenge just finding a place that was at least visitable for a friend of mine who uses a wheelchair -- she cannot enter the bathroom with her chair, but can at least come into the home. It probably would have been even harder if we had had a tighter budget.

szera said...

Soooo Happy for you both!!!
Home should be sanctuary....
now ot will be!! 💚💚💚💚

ABEhrhardt said...

How wonderful! Mazel tov!

And a reminder that when we find our permanent home, I should make sure all the things which I don't yet need are already there.

Enjoy! Cook! Shower in safety!

Belinda said...

I am vibrating with excitement and joy. This is such wonderful news on so many levels. Congratulations!

Rosemary said...

Congratulations! I am so happy you will be in a safe, accessible apartment.

Namaste said...

So happy for you and Joe! Congratulations!

Ron Arnold said...

Glad the opportunity presented itself! *Fist Bump* Nice!

Rachel said...

I may not be a chair user but I lucked into an accessible apartment a few years ago - most of the adaptations work just as well for me as for an average-height chair user. Most people never think of little things like being able to reach a cupboard shelf as being a luxury. We know better.


Unknown said...

Ahh..wonderful news. Moving from a place where you have been for many years stirs up emotions you may not expect...but you and Joe know how to 'just roll with it". I'm so happy with both of them...a safe place is a sanctuary....and I imagine Sadie and Ruby will have some decorating ideas, too.


Anonymous said...

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