Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hush Up Yoda

Joe, the explorer, mapped it out. I'm lecturing this morning in a museum just down the road from our hotel. Then in the afternoon, I cross the street and come back a bit to the offices where I'll be presenting for the rest of the day. I have decided that I'm going to push there and back.

Sidewalks are very hard for me, but the distance isn't long.

Last time I tried, I made it, almost the same distance, but it was hard.

I'm a little stronger now.

So, notes in my wheelchair bag, Joe beside me, we are heading out on this adventure. I hope I have enough breath to make it through the day. I hope I have the strength to make it there and back.

I am happy that trying is even an option.

Yoda said, 'try not, do or do not, there is no try' ... um ... I call intergalactic crap to that nonsense, of course there's try. I try until I do. Or, of course, do not.

And Nike, you never 'just do it'. Please, sometimes fit people think that achieving something happens by a magical act of willing and doing. Let me make this clear if I do it, there's no 'just' about it.

And to my gym teacher in grade 9 who gave me an F on my ability to run around the track. You shoulda put me on freaking wheels man

I'm anxious, it's an important lecture, they all are to me, and I don't want to mess up by over-exerting myself. But I also don't want to begin with disappointment about giving up before beginning.


We shall see how it rolls.


ABEhrhardt said...

Every little bit we keep - as opposed to losing - is important.

I don't know why, exactly, but it has to do with independence, especially knowing how unreliable other people can be, even when you pay them.

Keep your trying up - and relish your independence.

I think Yoda only meant 'try as if you mean to succeed, or don't bother.'

Unknown said...

I hope you rocked the sidewalk and the lectures!