Friday, April 14, 2017


It's been a long week.

And I'm still weak.

But I'm better. I fell ill on Monday and it worsened over the week. I had three days off from work, but had to work Thursday, but came home and near collapsed from exhaustion.

People think otherwise but I don't actually get sick often. Particularly as sick as I have been. I hadn't left the apartment for three whole days. Three days! I go out every day. I love going out. But I couldn't. I didn't have the strength, and was sensitive to noise and smells and things I typically find tasty repulsed me.

It's been a long week.

I'm up today but feeling the effects of yesterday and already I can see the plans for the day shrinking away from me.

For me, and how I experience my life and my disability, sickness isn't a part of it. I am much more debilitated by the flu or when I get an infection or even when I get a cold, than I am because of a silly wheelchair. I wasn't housebound because I'm a wheelchair user, I was housebound because they don't put vomitariums at discrete locations throughout the public sphere.

Already, from typing this, I'm tired.

So, I'm back to lie down. I've got a good book, The Gustov Sonata, that I'm reading, a perfect choice with short chapters and characters I care about. I'm going to go and spend time with them, and my pillow and hopefully I'll wake to a new store of energy or, if not, the ability to go out, even for five minutes.


Patricia said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I've just downloaded it!

Unknown said...

Well, your body may be weak but your words are strong....and i don't know that I have ever seen the word 'vomitorium' used in a blog before today!

lexica said...

The previous book I picked up on your recommendation (A Man Called Ove) was outstanding, so I'll definitely be looking into this one too. I hope you continue to recuperate from the cold and feel better soon!

ABEhrhardt said...

I think the vomitoria were for people who overate, not sick ones.

But I digress.

Please take the time to get well - do not expose people at work to germs, and be willing to take care of YOU. The world can exist fine without most of us for a while, and we can all be replaced. That's how this works.

Your comment about being disabled by illness is the way non-disabled could gain a bit of sympathy for us - but they usually waste it by whining about being sick.

Sabrina said...

Get well soon. X

wheeliecrone said...

Please take care of your good self, Dave.

I count on being able to read your blog for sensible, sensitive thoughts on disability - those who have it and those who don't. Those who "get it" and those who SO don't.

I hope that you feel better soon.