Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Little Accident

I just had a food accident. On the trip from fork to gob there is a bit of territory over my shirt that has to be traversed. A piece of yolk leapt from it's bed of toast and landed on my shirt just beside the buttons, near the top. I quickly brushed it away and in doing so drew a line of yolk down the front of my shirt. I tried to wash it off but it just made the line bigger.


I have to start work with my shirt looking like there is a yellow caution line running down the right side of my heart. I try to mask it by making a fold in my shirt but then realize that the fold is more obvious than the offending yellow streak and would have people wondering what I was hiding beneath the fold. Given I'm in Canada the first thought wouldn't be 'weapons' ... but who knows what else they might come up with.

I've decided to just leave it there and pretend it's not there, or pretend it's part of the design of the shirt ... 'what you don't have the latest in men's fashion, yolk yellow chic?' Besides we all say that it's what's on the inside, which in this case is the rest of the yolk. But then they say that 'clothes makes the man.' Um, I hope not, even on a good day with yolk-less shirts, I hope that's not true.

So I'm going to just let it be and face the day, yolk and all.

If this is the worst that's going to happen to me today, it's a pretty good day. If you think that something like this has to power to upset me or my day or my plans for my day - yolks on you!


Shan said...

"...it's what's on the inside, which in this case is the rest of the yolk..."

Unknown said...

My physique is such that there is a spot on my chest as well where food has an unfortunate tendency to land - the solution is a little stick that has liquid stain remover in it. About the size of a highlighter, it will fit easily in your knapsack. I assume it is available in Canada = the Tide stick.
makes me look much more like an adult!

Anonymous said...

You planned to go through the day with a clean shirt but that plan sure fell through quick. Guess the yolk's on you!