Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Omens

Well, that wasn't planned.

The whole day was organized, to the minute, but when they say "shit happens" they ain't far wrong. We were at the hairdressers where Ruby and Sadie and their Mom were getting their hair done. We dropped in to visit but there was a special reason we were there, Ruby had decided, long ago, to grow her hair and then have it cut off and donated to a charity that made free wigs for kids going through treatment for cancer.

The day didn't auger well. There were three omens. First, the elevator was broken down necessitating a ride round to a kind of weird entrance that's never comfortable to use. Second, when going around to that entrance we found that you could not longer open the door because the handle was gone and it was solidly locked. We went round and told security. Third when Joe opened the door for me, he had stayed and gone in so he could do just that, he told me that it was going to be tough getting in because the disabled alternate entrance was blocked full of stuff. And he wasn't kidding. It was hard to get through.

I think that's when it happened, but I'm not certain.

We got up to the salon and everyone was figuring out what kind of hairstyle Ruby would have after the donation was made. I parked off to the side and simply joined in from afar with opinions and ideas. It was fun. Then I tried to drive over to see something more closely and I thought I'd run over something or that there was a barrier on the floor.


My tire was dead!


The day crumbled before our eyes.

Joe came and got the scooter we use as a back up. I still thank that woman who wanted her scooter gifted to a fellow fatty because it's been a life saver several times now. The battery hadn't been charged for a year but Joe had got it over and we hoped it would get me back. Mike, the kids dad, offered to help push my power chair back home. It was a bit difficult to detach the wheels so this could be done. We've not ever done that for the 7 years I've had the chair. But it was done and the three of us left the womenfolk and got the power chair and me home.

Now, we've had to rearrange all the furniture to make things fit. I'm writing this while waiting to see everyone fresh from the hairdressers.

I have time to do this now because the rest of the day, see it over there, the plans and activities lay in complete disarray.


Unknown said...

oh crud!! that's a big hunk of disappointment that just landed in your lap...happens to everyone, sometimes.

ABEhrhardt said...

Sorry your day is in disarray - things happen, and the consequences are far-reaching.

And it is always an irritant to have to deal with a transportation failure - we depend on our transportation to get us to where we can START to do the things we plan.

Hope it's fixed soon.