Monday, December 19, 2016


Shopping during the holidays is something that most people abhor. I'm not most people. I like shopping, period. Any time, any where, I like shopping. The only proviso would be, I shop in real stores, not those Canadian Tire kind of stores. I was out looking for a present for Joe when I came across a woman who was shopping in the same area.

She looked at me and then the scooter with a 'You don't belong here' look on her face. I did some mental gymnastics to deal with her hostility and went about doing what I was doing. Twice. Yes, twice, I had to stop short, once throwing myself forward in my seat because of the sharpness of the halt. Why? She seemed to feel that she owned the space and didn't need to consider the needs of any other shopper and recklessly stepped right in front of my path.. Her disregard for others was further evidenced by her insisting that a cashier stop a transaction with another shopper to give her detailed information about something. Even after being told to wait just a moment, she pressed on. Her time, apparently was important.
She probably had redeeming qualities but she clearly kept them locked away to share only with those she valued.

I'd found what I wanted and then headed over to check out something that I've been waiting to go on sale for two years now. It wasn't on sale. Then I found a line up, got in it and waited. The present purchased, hidden in my wheelchair bag, and I was off to meet Joe. I'd sent him to the lobby where there are chairs placed under a skylight and which is a real gathering spot in my neighbourhood.

When I came out and headed over to Joe, she was there and she was on her phone. Her conversation animated and her voice cutting. I began to wonder how well and how deeply she'd hidden those redeeming qualities. Distracted walking is dangerous and, of course, she stepped in front of me. I wasn't anticipated it because as I was passing her she walk walking one way and then her voice escalated and she turned sharply and stepping in front of me.

This time she noticed me stop quickly causing me to fly forward in my seat. She covered the phone and hissed, "You need to be careful in that thing. You could have run into me." Now I was annoyed. "Lady, I am careful in this thing, I could have run into you several times today and I didn't. So I'm a good driver and I've got enough patience not to ram into people who believe that they own all the space around them."

She flipped me the bird!


I said, "That's all you got?" and started laughing. She mightn't have been the nicest person but when someone has a one fingered way to state their case they aren't even slightly fun to engage with.

So, I didn't.

I smiled and waved goodbye to her, still giggling.


ABEhrhardt said...

Some people are so much more important than others. I don't understand why you couldn't see this, and go sit in the corner, out of her way, until she was finished with her so-important errands, including telling whoever was on the phone about it.

I don't know if you can even educate people like that - possibly you can startle them, as you did.

I wish I could try on her attitude for a day or a month, and see if the world is really better for her kind of people. It would be nice to have such expectations - and have them fulfilled. For once in my life.

Frank_V said...

At home, I use only a cane to walk. In public, I have this nice, slightly crooked, four and a half foot long hiking staff made of alder wood. I'm only 4' 6" tall, and you would be amazed how many people almost never see me while they are running about. So much so, I've learned to take a VERY wide stance with my cane and staff. Often people collide into me.

But with my low center of gravity, and wide stance, you would also be amazed how easy it is to trip tall people. My wife used to worry, and warn me of imminent collisions with these these unobservant people who were about to ram into me. Until she realized, I did it all on purpose: They deserve to fall, because they just don't look.

Unknown said...

Alicia -for what it's worth, people with this entitled attitude are not very happy with it...the world is always getting in their way and they are never satisfied with anything....but I know that it does seem tempting...I'm just glad people with this attitude are not part of my personal life...
Dave..great image...disability pride in action!!

Unknown said...

Just yesterday, I watched a couple almost take a guy on crutches out... after first asking him (while sitting, waiting for the ferry) if he couldn't move his crutches out of their way (they were not in ANYONES way). I commented on their rudeness ('cause that's what I do :p ) and they, in turn, gave me a look of such disdain and just carried on thinking the world was their own private space and the rest of us were interlopers who needed to be shoved out of the way. Some people are so incredibly self-absorbed and self-involved that the rest of us are just obstacles in their path.

wheeliecrone said...

What a charmer she was!
I call people like that "The Centre of the Universe".
Their belief in their importance is just so powerful, it uses up all the available space, wherever they go.
When you have the misfortune to cross the path of someone who believes that they are The Centre of the Universe, well the only thing you can do is laugh.