Saturday, October 01, 2016


I came round, like I always do, to the ramp that takes me up to where we often shop. As I did I noticed a big strapping man, with a tight tee shirt over a trim and muscular torso, over his shoulder was a gym bag with the emblem of the exercise facility inside the mall. He was walking quickly down the ramp and following him was his polar opposite. She was old. She was tiny. She looked frail. She walked taking each step carefully, setting her cane down daintily with every footfall. She moved with a speed that belied her look. Careful, tiny, but fast. She was only steps behind him.

He saw me.

I had stopped by then, knowing that the two of them would need to step by me in order to get to the street. I'd pulled over to give them lots of room. It was then he noticed me. He panicked. It was like he was suddenly overcome by guilt for being on the ramp, which he need not have, it's a public ramp and for exiting the building to the east it's way more convenient than the stairs. But, guilt doesn't have to have a viable reason does it?

He turned.

Started back up the stairs.

Like he hadn't seen her.


He did.

He came to a cartoon stop. With his feet on their toes at a complete stop and his body hurtling and curling over the top of the woman behind him. He managed to pull himself back, his body would have had to work hard to pull that feat off. Now he was trapped. She was behind him and I was in front of him.

He didn't know what to do.

I said, "Come ahead, there's lot's of room."

He apologized and I told him it was unnecessary, it's a public ramp that we all share. He nodded thinking me kind rather than right.

Then, he dashed off.

I waited as the elderly woman also passed by. She leaned towards me and said, "Wasn't that fun!" Then she laughed. I admit that I got the giggles too. "Yeah, it was."

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Unknown said...

Quite a twist...I was expecting that the narrator was trapped....and anticipating a far different ending....

shows me how my brain tends to jump to conclusions....and that brings up the cartoon image of Wile E. Coyote as he looks down...just before he plunges to the ground....
so now i've started the day with a smile and a bit of self awareness....thanks, Dave.