Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We're just about ready.

We've got patience at the ready.

It's a travel day again. The bus picks us up in a few minutes and then we'll be travelling for almost 11 hours. We end up in Whitehorse, which we're really looking forward to, this afternoon - their time. It's been a long while since we've done a trip with two flights required to reach the destination. We're both thinking that I'm strong enough now to do this and that makes such a difference.

Typically we break the day up into segments and designate different segments with different amounts of stress, as I'm needing a little less help these days, there are fewer 'stress' segments. This is good.

We've got our books to read.

We've got activities that we can do.

We've got the conversation we started 46 years ago to continue.

So that's all done.

I still feel it is such an honour to be able to go places and do training, to go places and see how things are different and better there, to go places and learn.

OK, so it doesn't feel so much like an honour when getting up at 3 to shower, shave and get ready for the bus.

Joe is tapping his foot.

That's the signal.

We are off!


Unknown said...

Time to get the show on the road! Safe travels.

Celebrating Phoenix said...

Have fun!

SammE said...

It took my poor frazzled brain a moment to think through a bus trip to White Horse taking eleven hours. I AM tired! LOL Bon Voyage!