Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On The PATH To Inclusion

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Photo Description: Logo with the letters P (in red) A (in orange) T (in blue) and H (in yellow)

We had a wildly fun morning yesterday. Vita will be having a CN Tower climb, as many agencies do, to raise funds for the United Way. Because that particular fund raiser is so high profile and because there are many who would like to particpate but cannot physically take the challenge, a parallel activity is being planned. It's to be an 'accessiwalk' through the tunnels, up and down ramps, through sky walks and sky ways, through malls and through parking lots, up elevators and down elevators, through train stations and convention centers and which ends right at the base of the CN tower. The two groups would then meet and go out for lunch together.

The challenge was to find a route that was completely and fully accessible. The PATH, which is Toronto's underground walkway isn't completely accessible as some ways are blocked with stairs. So we had to actually walk it and map out a route. There were many options:

Photo Description: Map of the underground walkway.

Even with some of the pathways not accessible to me in the wheelchair, we easily found other ways, primarily because we met several of the nicest security guards you can imagine who quickly, and proudly, pointed out how we could get to our destination.

So we had an awesome fun time, our little committee and me, and we've come up with a really fun parallel activity that can be done by all. I'd never tackled the PATH before and had a grand old time, I think I was grinning all the way through. Partly because of the fun, and partly because at the attempt to make an event, with choices, that allows for everyone who wants to, to participate in some way.

How incredibly awesome is that?


CapriUni said...

To answer your question:

Very incredibly awesome!

Especially if what you learn en route can be put toward improving access for all.

clairesmum said...

now THAT'S inclusion!!

wheeliecrone said...

Way cool!