Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hatred and Bigotry and Clean Hands

If you read someone's blog long enough you are going to, without exception, learn WAY too much about them. This is a case in point. Sometimes somethings need a bit of context. Yes, I am working up to divulging something kind of personal. Here goes.

I can't talk to someone while I'm peeing.

I just can't.

I've never been able to.

So, as you can guess, today's story happens in a bathroom. We stopped to do a bit of shopping, get a break from the long ride, and go to the washroom. Joe held the door, I rolled in and over to the accessible toilet. All the other stalls were empty but this one was locked tight. When I pulled on the door, checking if the stall was free, a gruff voiced called out: OCCUPIED.

I waited.

Joe finished at the urinal, washed his hands and said, "I'll wait just outside, call me when you need my help." He had already lifted my foot rest so I wouldn't need him again until I was back in the chair. He guards the door outside against someone trying to make off with my chair. Finally the door opened a fellow came out, saw me in my chair, blushed a little and said, "They don't usually have disabled people here."

OK. Good to know I guess.

I go into the stall. I hear a father and a small child come in to the bathroom. The child is protesting having to wash his hands because, "I only snotted in them once." I am grinning as I am peeing. I can do that. Then the child notices my chair and says, "What's that?" The father said, "It's what lazy people use when they don't want to walk or to get a job." "Why don't they want a job?" "Because they are greedy lazy people."

I can't talk while I'm peeing.

I do manage to get out, before I hear the door close, "None of that is true!: I manage this because I can talk when I shake. I want to say more, but they are gone.


What the hell?


Bite Two said...


sound of gears grinding

Sometimes bigotry goes off its own scale. Wow. Sorry you have to share space with such people.

Jayne Wales said...

Oh the bastard. I'm in a hospital ward this week with so many people fighting to get back to health. Friends of mine have been struck down in their lives just like that recently. My poor mum who has battled with her epilepsy all her life now so poorly. You utter shit saying that to your son and others. I'm sorry for my language but that is how I feel this week and in fact always. There are beautiful people struggling so damn hard. I'm angry

kstableford said...

^what Jayne said.

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

This is more of a "What the EFF?" situation that a "What the hell?"


Maggie said...

What the hell?

I'm trying to get my head around all the ways that the father's comments were so wrong. Lies, slurs, stupidity he's teaching his kid. Bigotry, nonsense ... the list is too long.


Kristine said...

These are the people I always hope will somehow, someday find their way to your blog. Amazing--and infuriating--what he thinks he can tell about another person, based off nothing more than a chair. Hope the kid has some better influences in his life....

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

usually I am not vicious. But for this man there should be one day that he might be unable to walk and has to use a wheelchair....

My mom teaches the children in her class that people in wheelchairs only have a different way of getting around.

I am sorry you had to hear thisevil father.


Emma said...

Julia, being unable to walk and using a wheelchair isnt a punishment or a terrible fate to befall someone. Or "karma" for someones bad behaviour. I can see you dont mean your comment to be offensive, but please think about what you're saying here..

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

my comment wasnt meant as a punishment for the man. I just wanted him to get the experience just for one day, how useful a wheelchair can be, if otherwise you have no possibility of getting around.

I recently had a bout of very painful gout in my feet and therefore was only able to get out in a wheelchair. I dont even wish the pain on the man, just the point of view.


B. said...

Even though you've moved on blog-wise, I had to think about this before my comment. Comments like that coming from a stranger mean little except he's ignorant. With over 50 years 'disabled' experience, I've heard some pretty wacky stuff. Many of the 'normal' have learned to keep it to themselves in public and society is more accepting of diversity. There is still a long way to go. I feel most sorry for the little boy.

theknapper said...

this is so outrageous

Anonymous said...

Wow. Seriously, people?? *headdesk* This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me doubt my need for accommodations, despite the 4 medical conditions I have. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that.


wendy said...

I am rarely at a loss for words but this post has left me sputtering "Ah, Uh? Huh? Puh." Just no words for all the ways this is wrong and horrible.