Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A favour

Hi folks, I want to ask you all a favour. Could you go to the CAMH website and watch the video produced by Dr. Yona Lunsky. If it moves you or if you find yourself nodding as she speaks, consider voting for her in the 'Breakthrough Challenge' ... I know Yona personally and her work is invaluable and her respect for the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities is immense. Anyone can vote - you'll see the vote tab on the upper right corner of the video after it plays. Thanks

Today's post follows:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.

Just an FYI -- it's not captioned and the Youtube captioning isn't that great. I use captioning to prevent my sound sensitivity from flaring up, and I know of other people on the autism spectrum/with developmental disabilities who also do the same thing.


Belinda said...

I did it and shared on FB. Such a good thing to vote for Dr. Yona Lunsky!