Wednesday, September 03, 2014



It's over.

I've got to go back to work.

We had a great vacation. A really great time. We did only what we wanted to. We kept it slow. We had fun. We laughed more these five days than we have in a while. We stayed home, we used the city well, we set a couple of goals for the time off, and didn't achieve them.

Once again I am so surprised at the way my disability didn't really enter into our consciousness in any real way. Perhaps because the city is increasingly accessible, perhaps, more likely, we've learned how to negotiate the city in consideration of the wheelchair.

Whatever it was.

It just didn't matter.

Sometimes when I am busy with travel or with work or with meetings and new spaces, I dwell a bit on my disability and the access issues that come with it. I need to do this. I know it's important.

But gosh was it great to get a break from it all.

From work.

From worry.

From experiencing disability as anything other than a different way of being, a different way of moving.

It was freaking great.


clairesmum said...

Glad to hear you and Joe had some great vacation time....

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!