Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We needed to pick something up quickly and so we stopped at your friendly neighbourhood behemoth superstore. It was to be a quick in and out, often I stay in the van because it takes so long to untie me and get the power chair unloaded. But, I wanted to go in so we took the time. I zipped on in as Joe parked the car. I went to the electronics section to pick up a new DVD player while others went to get groceries and stuff. We watch a lot of DVD sets so we wear them out over time.

I found one, met up with everyone and then we double checked our various lists and headed to the check out. I got our stuff, our teller was quick, and I scooted ahead towards the door. I found myself behind an elderly couple. She walked very slowly, using a walker, in the walker's basket she had an oxygen tank and she had the plastic tubing under her nose. We went through the first of two exit doors. The store was pretty aggressive with their signage telling us all NOT to exit through the entrance.

Once through the first set of doors and headed to the exit that lead right out into the parking lot, they noticed, as did I, that the entrance door was wide open. She veered away from her path and went out through the entrance door. He continued on, and I followed, through the exit. When we got out she turned to him and said, "Just because I'm a cripple doesn't mean I can't still be badass!" They both laughed heartily and went on their way.

I'm guessing that's why they are still together and still looking happy.

A sense of humour gets you through most anything.

Even the wrong door.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! That's a woman with a great attitude! :) samm