Thursday, May 15, 2014


I had just finished writing today's blog and was reading it to try and catch the errors that spell check lets by. Regular readers will know that, even that effort often goes for not. I'm not a great proof reader. Anyways as I read the words and then considered the content, I decided not to post.

At home I write about things that happen in my city or my neighbourhood. I write about people I come into contact with or  conversations I have. I am in a much, much smaller town and I've written about someone I met who impressed me greatly.Unfortunately I didn't think 'this is bloggable' and therefore didn't ask. I knew my description of him would make him identifiable and I'm not going to do that without permission.

So today's blog is about there not being a blog because I want to respect the privacy of someone I met. I hope, against hope, that I'll see him again as we leave to go down to Elleryville for the weekend - and I can ask.

So, for today, I'll bed you a farewell until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh . . . you have bedded me farewell . . . don't you love spell-check?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mirroring respect.