Friday, January 24, 2014


It's odd the kind of things that can, suddenly, increase the quality of your life. Over the last year, maybe even two, I've found my ability to sit for long periods of time in my power chair, decreasing. I'd feel some significant pain and, as one does, over time I began calculating exactly how long I'd be able to be in the chair and modify my trips to fit the time frame. I tried a number of different adaptations, putting an extra layer of foam under my seat cushion, trying different angles of seating, changing the depth of the chair. None worked, some were even dangerous.

Then, a few days ago, my cushion, the five year old one, fell off the chair. When I picked it up I noticed that it, quietly, had simply died. The cover fell limply off the cushion and the whole thing just looked sad.

I got on the Internet and found a cushion, ordered it, it was expensive but I wanted a really good one. And then waited for it's delivery.

It got here a couple days ago.

It was plump, it had support and resistance, it fit exactly as it should.

We, Joe and I, looked at it on the chair and noted that it changed the whole look of the chair. I climbed in and, there's no other way of saying it, my bum cheered!! I felt like my buttocks had been embraced and welcomed.

Now I'm able to sit comfortably for long periods of time, without any pain at all. Yesterday I sat through an all day meeting, smiling to myself, knowing I had the most comfortable seat in the house.

And, my bum was being lovingly hugged the whole time. When that happens, who the hell cares what's on the agenda!


Glee said...

Yep, I had a sore bum for months. Seating is sooo important. We tend to wear the pain and blame our "wrong" bodies. And it's bullshit and we should stop doubting ourselves to the point that we accept pain needlessly.

We put up with too much shit because we are "wrong". BAH to that :)

Jayne wales said...

Ive been wriggling about all day today with an uncomfortable bum. Think it's to do with a different bed being away. It's as bad as blisters on feet or toothache.
So glad you are not getting a bum deal from your new cushion!

Connie said...

I remember reading once that bed pillows, folded over should be able to toss off a shoe. If they don't, the pillow is "broken" and it's time to replace it. Would the same thing apply to your chair pillow?

Maggie said...

When this happened to my mom for the second time, she had us put a note in the calendar for 3/4 of the time between failures. That's not very clear; what I mean is, her seat cushions failed about 30 months apart, so when we got the new one we marked the calendar for 22 months ahead. Time to order the new one then.

But I don't know if that worked; old age finally got her about 15 months out.

May your luck be much better than that.

Shan said...

Same thing with mattresses - it happens so gradually you don't even realize it's not holding you up properly anymore! I was afraid I was beginning some serious hip problems and then realized...mattress update needed.

Arno said...

Oh, I know that feeling...My sore-prone butt has cheered and thanked the new cushion many times!

Belinda said...

Rather a cheeky post I'd say! Ha ha! Glad you are "all" comfy.

Anonymous said...

For wheelchair users who cannot feel what is happening in their bum (and thus may not realize that there is too much pressure on the wrong parts or that they may need to shift position), the correct cushion can be really crucial in preventing what could otherwise be serious pressure sores. Yes, seat cushions are so important for all wheelchair riders, yet are so often overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it always odd how we keep adapting, adapting, adapting rather than dealing. Like you timing your endurance in the chair rather than dealing with the "seat" of the problem. :-) I do that all the time. Right now I'm dealing with back problems, perhaps I need a new mattress!! Enjoy the comfort.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. Sometimes, when you're in pain, the simple and obvious answer doesn't occur to you.

I wake up in pain every morning, and spend a long time trying to work it out. Because you took the time to write, I have realized the fault lies largely with a mattress which is way too old. My brain doesn't work particularly well, and I will have a hard time picking a new one, but that's what I need.