Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canada Writes

Hi, I've been a guest on Canada Writes ... and if you'd like to read the interview there you can simply click Canada Writes. Please drop by. And, double please, leave a comment over there. It would be nice for them to see that there is an audience for disability themed subjects.

Today's post follows:


Anonymous said...

Dave, this is, what I wanted to state over at Canada writes. But I do not have an account they asked for. I am so sorry that I can not proceed as I want to....


Dave Hingsburg

he is not only a trinity of difference, to me (though I live in Germany) he is also a trinity of encouragement for positive behaviour among all people; with sincerity, thoughtfulness and examples on what to do - in one word love.

I often find very helpful ideas through his blog and lots and lots of interesting thoughts.

I read the blog first thing in the morning and it is always a pleasure. And even if I find something to disagree with in the posts it is an encouragement to learn and love more.


Anonymous said...

oh, the last sentence misses an always...

it is always an encouragement...