Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sign Here (updated)

In conversation with someone who reads my blog I was told that I tend to write fairly heavy blogs and that I should maybe 'lighten up' every now and then. I looked over my posts and agreed that the advice was solid. So today, I'm doing that.

I was on YouTube the other day and one of the suggested videos which popped up was a song done in sign by and man named Mister Chase. He's a singer-signer-songwriter. He has two different pages, one for his own music and one for signed covers of songs. I really liked his approach to signing music as I thought he brought the joy of the music to life. I was unsure if the signing was functional with all the other stuff going on so I asked Andrea for her opinion. Andrea will be known to those who comment or read comments from her insightful input to discussions that happen here on the blog. She assured me that the videos did what they intended to do. So I'm putting up three different video's with different kinds of music. The last one is one of his own songs, performed live, that he sings and signs.

I don't know who this guy is or how he got into sign language - there is nothing I could find on the web about his connection to ASL and the deaf community. But that doesn't matter, what matters is that he does something to make music more accessible - how cool is that?

Enjoy a 'lighter' blog post!

Update: This morning I received an email from Purpletta and she had discovered two articles about Mister Chase and his sign language videos. Thank's for the info - you Google better than I do!


FunMumx3 said...

Love it. Thanks to the Nicki Minaj video I now know the ASL sign for mother-f__k__ :) Who knew?

Dude can dance.

Thanks to my teenagers I love a whole lotta music that I never thought I would, LOL.

kstableford said...

Could Mister Chase be more adorable??

Anonymous said...

Here is one of my favorite signed songs, I had a Shoggoth. It's a song for children (of any age) who are Science Fiction fans. Sung by Tom Smith, signed by Judi Miller.

I believe this was the first time she heard the song, and Tom never sings it quite the same way twice. So she was doing the signs as she went.


Karry said...

I love this!

krlr said...

Funny timing, I just read this too - re signing at hip hop concerts: