Sunday, June 23, 2013



We had our tickets in hand, Ruby was wearing her cat mask and I got to my seat. As you will remember, I wrote about purchasing these tickets and deciding to get separate seats. The wheelchair seating is in the very back row and, as we are introducing Ruby to theatre, we wanted her to be able to see well and thereby be more likely get into the show. Well, when we got in to the theatre Ruby crawled up into the seat beside me and then I explained that she and Joe would be sitting up close where she could see. She didn't say anything but I could tell she didn't much like the idea.

During the first half I enjoyed the show and wondered how it was going for Joe and Ruby. Truth to tell, I didn't much like sitting separate and alone. It truely did feel like a sacrifice. When intermission came, Joe and Ruby came to the back and we went out into the lobby. It was packed so after buying Rubes an ice cream bar we went back to my seat. I told Ruby that the two seats next to me had been empty during the first half so she could sit there until it was time for the show to start, then they could go back to their seats up front.

Just before it was time for her to move she turned to me and said, "I like this seat better, can I stay here?" I asked the usher if that was a problem and, as they had been empty he said that would be no problem. The second half of the show was wonderful - both the performance and being back together as a family. Near the end, Ruby crawled over to sit with me on the aisle and I held her on my lap while she watched the finale.

I made a mistake.

My motives were good. I wanted Ruby to see the show.

My mistake was that she wanted to see the show with me, too.

So, no more of that. We'd had a great time. We talked about the show for a while after. Ruby had been upset by how the cats had treated 'glamour cat' and wanted to know why they had been so mean. She told me, definitavely that it was wrong to be mean, no matter what reason.

On my part, separate from everything else, I loved the show. If you are in Toronto you might want to check it out. In my mind the show actually had something quite profound to say. 


Glee said...


Kasie said...

We live and we learn.
Thanks to you Dave, we learn more than I think we would have without you.

Susan said...

Dear Ruby,
You are the awesomest kid. Everyone should have someone special in their lives just like you who makes sure they KNOW they are loved and belong. I love hearing your Uncle Dave's Ruby stories almost as much as you do. I hope we get to hear lots more!

theknapper said...

I knew Ruby would decide to sit with you!!!!!!!
What just came to me were the words from Connie Coldor's song Wood River
'but the heart is bigger than trouble,
and the heart is bigger than doubt.
Sometimes it needs a little time to figure that out.
You are so loved.

Princeton Posse said...

Great picture of Ruby & Joe!