Monday, December 03, 2012

Thank You All ...

... for your votes. I came in first place for Best Personal Blog and tied for third in Best Health Blog. I also congratulate Belinda whose Whatever He Says came in first place for Best Religion and Philosophy. I was really excited about the awards and, again, can't thank you enough for taking the time to pop over to the Canadian Blog Awards to vote for me.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave. Continue to inspire us.


Belinda said...

Congratulations Dave!!! And thank you to all of the readers of RAIMH who chose to vote for Whatever He Says due to Dave's loyal support and encouragement.

Kevin said...

HI Dave,

I just wanted to say congrats on the awards.
It's an honour to share 3rd with you!
Kevin Sherriff

Kevin said...

Thanks Dave!

That really means a lot. Writing is very new to me. I have only been doing it since I became ill. I really love it though, I have even started writing a book.

I always find it interesting when I read your blog how much disability and chronic illness can have in common.

Perhaps next year we can share first!
Take care,