Friday, September 07, 2012


I saw someone today.

Someone eating strawberries.

Ripe, luscious, juicy strawberries, taken one by one, little bite after little bit.

Juice dripping down the chin.

Eyes closing in delight.

I saw someone today.

Someone eating strawberries in a park..

Leaning back in her wheelchair, giving way to the taste of sun on her tongue.

Sensuous, sensual pleasure in an enclosed, eyes shut world.

Moments of sheer, physical joy.

I saw someone today.

Someone eating strawberries, in a park, under a tree.

Ripe, luscious, juicy strawberries, offered by a helping hand, one bite at a time.

The wheelchair beneath her, the straps that held her in, the leg rests holding her legs aloft.

Erased by the taste of wind and rain on her tongue.

Existing only in a moment of pleasure.

I saw someone today.

Someone eating strawberries, in a park, under a tree, being fed like Cleopatra.


Amanda said...

:D Makes me want strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Another good lesson - to enjoy the moment. Savor it in fact. Let the juice of life roll down your chin until you are giddy. Yes - even live like Cleo. What a delightful image to have Dave. Thanks for sharing.

John R. said...

yum......i am inspired to make strawberry shortcake this weekend....thx......oh, and very wonderfully sensuous images for this friday morning...

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

Thanks for this wonderful image of sheer pleasure, living in the moment.


wendy said...

I love the image "being fed like Cleopatra". Being fed like a queen....much different than being fed indifferently or distractedly or disrespectfully.

And I can see the strawberries and the woman eating them, sun on her face. Your post is so descriptive I can almost smell the berries. This may be one of my favorite posts.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post!!
Someone eating wonderful sweet strawberries, being tasted one at a time. No one was in a rush to eat them. Someone made sure to take the time to make sure she enjoyed them. We all need to remember to take the time to enjoy the momment, nothing else is more important!!

Anonymous said...

The line ‘like Cleopatra’ is the one that hooks me too. Reframing assistance. I have been troubling and struggling the past couple of weeks with the (now long time) situation that my partners ill health and disability has put the PA in partner. I have been thinking how it puts the PA in parent as well. And can transmogrify these relationships. I think the giving and receiving of personal assistance is not something we (me and partner) have managed to reconcile with being partners to each other, it troubles our relationship.
The image of ‘like Cleopatra’ gives me a vision of where personal assistance can be part of the honouring, worshiping, esteeming my partner, rather than something demeaning, emphasising that we are on different sides of the disability/differently able axis.
This is just my experience, def not wanting to project this on to others, but wanted to share how the ‘like Cleopatra’ is a golden beacon of light to me.

Belinda said...

The decandent sensuality makes me think of the song by DAVE FRISHBERG :):
Peel me a grape, crush me some ice
Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow
Talk to me nice, talk to me nice
You've got to wine and dine me

Don't try to fool me bejewel me
Either amuse me or lose me
I'm getting hungry, peel me a grape