Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bear Facts

I had a conversation with a gummy bear.

There are probably few who can say that.

Ruby and I were talking on the phone, the subject primarily being her birthday in a couple of days, when suddenly she ran out of things to say or talk about. This isn't a problem for Ruby, she asked me if I wanted to talk to her gummy bear and then switched into this little girl pretend voice that sometimes was so high that only sparrows could hear, so suddenly I was speaking to a gummy bear.

What do you say to a gummy bear?

As a vegetarian do I apologise for having munched down so many of her tribe?

As an art lover do I compliment on the diversity and intensity of the colours that typify a conglomeration of gummies?

I don't know.

I managed a slightly stiff and uncomfortable conversation with Madame Ours (French for "bear" for those not familiar with that romantic tongue) ... I mean isn't everyone uncomfortable when chatting with the famous?

I hung up the phone after bidding adieu to both bear and girl and realised that, somehow, my day was a little bit different. Adult cares had magically disappeared in the struggle to speak 'bear' to a little girl with a squeaky voice.

So, my advice to those of you suffering through another work day or who want to jazz up an ordinary day - get a gummy bear, and have a chat.

It works.


Danni said...

I don't normally talk to gummy bears, but I do regularly chat with Penguin and Penelope, my two microwaveable penguin soft toys. They each have their own personality and they help me figure things out (when they're not helping me with pain as heat pads).

I take both of them out with me, riding on my lap in my wheelchair. Penguin has been with me for exams and operations (Penelope is newer). I decided a while ago not to waste energy trying to appear normal (I'm autistic and also have severe M.E.) so since they help me deal with stuff I'm not bothered how it makes me look. Up to now nearly all reactions have been extremely positive anyway, as people use them to start a conversation with me :-)

Faery said...

Oh Dave! I had just stopped to read your blog and you'll never guess what my snack of choice was!
It's very hard to have a chat with them after you've scoffed half their mates!

It has however stopped me from eating the whole packet which is probably a good thing in the long run! :-)

joanne said...

think I'll get a whole package and have a huge conversation....just shared your blog with my son who's having a rough work day. Thanks for your positive thoughts! :)

Wordshurtorheal said...

Very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Faery ... aww, you SCOFFED them?!! NOOOOO! You didn't! You couldn't have! You ... you ... gummy bear eater!!! *Sobs!* ... Has this made you feel guilty yet? :-D :-P

Rachel, is that a pun I see lurking in your comment? Tsk! :-)

Unknown said...

Most gummy bears are not vegetarian (because they contain gelatin that is not vegetarian).

Dave Hingsburger said...

Unknown, I wondered if anyone would catch that fact ... here's my supplier

Anonymous said...

Talking to an inanimate object tends to bring the child out in all of us - and definately a stress release. Probably a throw back from the days of "teddy" or such. Just look at the use of dolls and puppets in therapy. It is often easier to talk to something verses someone that has a possiblity of judgement attached. And goodness - they are such good listeners!! :-)

Further, look at the popularity of ventriloquists (spelling). Those shows with Jeff Dunham (?) are hilarious and attended by and intended for adults. It always amazes me how quickly our inner child identifies with these characters - and the laughter that ensues.

So bring on the gummy bears - veggy or not - and bring on the smiles.

(I'm sure it meant a lot that uncle Dave entered into Ruby's world.)

Bubbles said...

Best post ever!

Karen said...

Unknown, you read this post and that's what you got out of it? You simply saw an opportunity to try and find error in what Dave eats? I'm astounded that such a pretty piece could illicit such a mean spirited response. It must be sad to be you.

Susan said...

This link is one of my grandson Will's "favourite things" on the Youtube. He's 3. I'll bet Ruby and especially Sadie will like it too! :) (Personally I HATE this song! Yet I've listened to it a thousand times.. That's what loving a kid will do to you!)

Anonymous said...

I took unknown's comment about the ingredients of the candy as trying to be helpful and infomative not as being mean-spirited. As for me, I'm just happy that Dave can maintain his ethics and eat gummi bears too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous above--I did not read it as mean spirited. Many vegetarians (not all, of course, us vegetarians being a very diverse bunch--but a significant proportion) take it seriously enough to pay attention to hidden ingredients such as gelatine, and may appreciate/welcome being informed of ingredients they previously weren't aware of.

Of course, other vegetarians may feel differently about being informed or may simply draw the line in a different place from other vegetarians regarding what exact ingredients they avoid. So I would personally probably hesitate to point out these hidden ingredients unless I know the person well enough to know how they would feel about it. Or else might try to frame it very tactfully. But even so, I didn't feel there was anything wrong with that comment.

Ettina said...

I sometimes talk to my computer, but it's usually not very polite. ('Aww, come on! You can't open that website? What's wrong with you?')

Ann said...

Thanks for brightening my day with this sweet and funny blog post...

Craving gummie bears!