Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We go home today. The plane will be a welcome sight. It's time. We had a terrific trip. Meeting old friends, making new, talking, laughing, eating. But three weeks is a long time to be away. Long enough for my world to change. But none of that here ... some highlights of the trip ... mostly frivolous ... not everything has to be shot full of meaning!

The most special moment of the trip:

Meeting our niece's newly adopted children - new members of the family - and hearing them say 'Uncle Joe' in English.

The best breakfast of the trip:

Chatting with someone we once knew, will know again, and plotting and planning to fix the world's problems.

The most memorable moment of our trip:

A young man with a disability hollering out 'Amen!' when I lectured about the wrongs of bullying.

The best decision we made about the trip:

Bringing along the elephant feet and being able to sit on hotel furniture.

The most amazing food:

A huge meal from the Four Stones Vegetarian restaurant in Richmond.

The biggest splurge:

A new and very handsome watch with a face big enough for me to see.

The oddest shopping:

Shopping for a new dress for Ruby to wear on gay pride.

The oddest looks we got;

Talking about buying a new dress for Ruby for gay pride - horror would best describe it.

The best tea:

In Willow Point with Joe's sister and another niece.

The best conversation:

In Willow Point, it must have been because some people came from outside so that they could listen better.

The most overpowering realization:

You'll have to wait for it, but it happened in Powell River.

The funniest moment of our trip:

Letting a silent stinker fly and watching Joe's face changed with horrid realization.

The best audience:

Every single one ... really ... not kidding ... people were amazing everywhere.

The longest drive:

Vancouver to Prince George.

The most frustrating aspect:

Travel interfering with seeing and visiting with people.

What we will always remember:

No, I said I wasn't going there.

Home soon!


Just Jess for now said...

I've only started reading, but almost all of the entries can evoke more than one emotion. The person saying "amen" made me tear up and envisioning someone trying to explain that they were buying a dress for their daughter for gay pride made me crack up. Thanks-I really enjoy reading. :)

theknapper said...

Can't wait to see a photo of that dress.....
What an incredible 3 weeks.This will be a very different homecoming. Sending good thoughts to you and Joe.

Shan said...

That WAS a great conversation! And the pride dress thing is hilarious.

It was also funny when you smugly described a tomboy toddler as "lesbian".

Noisyworld said...

ROFL I can picture the faces when you were choosing the outfit :D

I hope you have time to rest and reflect properly when you get home :)