Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Find

We found ourselves in a little market. We had an hour or so to kill before I was to speak for a few minutes as part of a celebration book launch. I hadn't planned on anything to say as it was very last minute for me to be there at all. The book is about informal safeguards in the community and how these kind of connections can keep people safer. So, I was thinking about the abuse prevention and bullying sessions I had done over the last few days. The thoughts were heavy and my spirit darkening.

As I turned the corner I found a little tiny package, cutely decorated, covered in Chinese characters. I picked it up to find that it contained bright pink cookies. Ruby loves pink. Ruby loves cookies. Suddenly, I was thinking about how excited she'd be to get a little gift. Actually several gifts in one. A bright and beautiful box. A mysterious box covered with little drawings and words written in big bold brushstrokes. And, of course, pink cookies.

I handed the box to Joe who looked at it, saw what it was and said, 'Ruby.'

I said, 'Yeah, Ruby.'

Quickly we made our way to the checkout to buy our little purchase and as we did so I called to arrange a time to talk with the kids the next day. We chatted as we walked over to where I was going to speak and agreed that we wouldn't tell Ruby that pink cookies had been bought for her. We'd wait and surprise her.

It's amazing isn't it?

Sometimes when life hands you lemons, you find pink cookies in a colourful box.


joyfulgirl said...

so sweet!!! children in your life can make the darkest day bright.

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

With the work that you do (teaching people to deal with bullying and abuse), it must be very difficult not to get down and cynical a lot.

But no surprise that thoughts of Ruby brighten your day!


Belinda said...

Ruby is your True North!

Kimm and Bo said...

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