Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ice Jackets

I have caught a cold. Therefore just a short note today.

When we are in Ottawa, we always end up with Ruby riding in the back of our car. She likes the independence from her parents and, as she can be a real chatterbox, she likes a new audience. We talk about everything. From the kids at school to her plans for the future and everything in between. On Saturday she was wearing a 'ice jacket' a term we'd never heard, but in Ruby speak (and maybe in the larger world of fashion) it means a fleece vest. Her's is pink. That almost didn't need to be said.

She asked if we knew how they made 'ice jacket's'. We said that we didn't. She explained, simply as if to another child, that 'first they paint it pink, then they hang it up to dry.' A pause followed, she was ensuring we were understanding. 'Then they stuff in the filling to make it warm.' Done. I asked Ruby why the jacket didn't have arms.

She did me the honour of at least thinking about her response. Then she said, 'Because sleeves are very, very, difficult to make.'

Ruby did not understand why we both laughed so hard at her explanation but she gamely joined in the laughter.

This little phrase has now entered into the 'Dave and Joe' lexicon of communication.

Why is the world the way it is?

Because, dear readers, 'sleeves are very, very, difficult to make.'


Janelle said...

Hope you feel better! I know that I feel better having read this. I'll never look at vests the same again.

Kristin said...

Feel better soon Dave. And, I love that explanation...absolutely priceless.

Sher said...

As an amateur seamstress, Dave, I can confirm Ruby's hypothesis. Sleeves ARE hard to make. Much easier to make a vest. That's a smart girl, you've got there. Feel better.

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the smile courtesy of Ruby. Wise child!

I can concur with coffeetalk - as a knitter I know that sleeves can be very tricky.


Shan said...

She is wise beyond her years.

Lauren said...

Another great blog, I will definitely share this one! This reminds that I frequently share my favorite blogs from your site with friends, and encourage them to look around your site. But I realize for a new comer that may be a daunting task since you've been posting for so long. Is there a way you could have a "favorite past blogs" or "top 10 most visited" blogs link? I realize you probably have no idea how to do this...but whenever you've asked for help in the past someone has always helped you promptly!

Anonymous said...

The wheeliecrone says -
Young Ruby is well-named, for she is truly a gem!
I hope you feel better soon, Dave.

NoisyWorld said...

The wheeliecrone has put her finger on it a true gem,I think the world could do with a few more Rubys :)