Monday, November 22, 2010


Right now ...

Exactly now ...

Typically on travels like this I write several blogs and stack them up, then there is no panic if the day doesn't allow writing time. This has happened often on this trip because the 'stacked up' are now 'used up' and what good timing it is because tomorrow we go home. So right now I'm in a hotel on a Sunday afternoon relaxing while Joe is reading trying to finish one novel so that he can start another on the plane tomorrow.

This has been a hugely busy trip. We never made it to a Marks and Spenser, a Waitrose or even an ASDA's. We never made it to a museum or any local landmarks. Two Saturdays were spent working and two Sundays were spent travelling. There's been little time for the usual stuff. But, that's OK - the trip flew by and now it's time to fly ourselves.

Much has happened on this trip.

I have been changed by some of the experiences.

I have learned about 'community' and have much I want to do in my home agency, Vita, and in my blogging world as a result of that learning.

But there is time for all of that ...


What with time changes and some immediate work that has to be done when I get home, I'm taking the next two days off from the blog.

I'll be back to you on Wednesday, maybe Thursday.

Thanks for coming along on the trip with me. Hope you enjoyed some of the experiences I had as we travelled.

If you think of me, wave towards the sky - I might just be winging over head.


theknapper said...

Rest.....we'll be here waiting for your next post.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful flight home! X and I can't wait to see you and Joe in the next couple weeks!


Brenda said...

Wishing you a safe and uneventful journey home, and some delicious R & R when you get I'll give a wave from Scarberia, and check back in with "Rolling" later in the week. 'See' you then!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave:

Have a safe journey.

Love your posts over the last couple of days - they will keep me until you rest up for more.

I love at the end of the post about your song - It is okay for you to be you. I think people have to get to it is okay for me to be me before they can get to it is okay for you to be you - we have a long way to go but you are helping us to move along.


Belinda said...

It's nice that you're relaxed enough to just take a break from the blog. You can be sure we'll all be here waiting when you return, and you know what they say about "absence." :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog break!

--Andrea S