Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pix Pix Pix

Hey folks, Mike has put up some photos on his new blog. The photo of Joe is one of my favourite photos of all time. If you'd like to check it out pop over to Mike's blog Shoot First for a visit. He's new to photoblogging so please leave a comment or two for him. See you over there.


Kristin said...

It's a fabulous picture.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I tried to leave my comment on Mike's blog, but couldn't as I didn't have any of the listed profiles...

So, for Mike:
Awesome pics Mike. I agree with Dave - the one of Joe is beautiful.

I've loved the one of Dave since it first appeared on RAimH... or was it CTF? ;-)

Well done too on the family pic - getting a group which includes under fives to all look at the camera and smile in unison is no mean feat!

Your girls are sooo cute!! I love that through Dave we have come to know them, and you, a little bit.

Susan, mum to 3 cheeky-monkey little girls
(all of whom prefer to be silly before the camera)

PS: As Dave has thus far refused/failed to give those of us in Australia a visit, I have no pics of him to share, sorry...

CAM said...

Same here, there was no way for me to leave a comment. But all of his work is very well done.

AkMom said...

Beautiful picture of Joe. I like the one of you as well.

and..........what picture is Mike holding hostage???


Kimberley said...

Amazing photos!
What a beautiful family.
I hope you do not mind me asking but how did everyone come to be family?