Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Mouse That Limped!!

I was talking to a blog reader on the phone the other day and she said, 'I noticed that your blog has been darker recently and wondered what was going on in your life.' I was a little astonished because I didn't think the blog had gone dark at all. 'Hmmmmmm,' I thought. Joe and I were chatting about this when we pulled into our hotel for the evening in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

As we parked in the disabled parking spaces and looked up at the blue man on the signs I noticed that something had been done to the faces on the two signs. I said to Joe, 'Look, no wonder my blog is dark, sometimes the world is mean, someone's defaced the disability signs.' I sank back in my chair convinced that the world just isn't a fair place to be some times.

Joe started to laugh and said, 'You should take a closer look at these signs.'

I sat up to look, curious why Joe was laughing his 'happy laugh' and saw more closely the signs. On the sign right in front of us someone, I'm guessing a kid, had put a sticker with Donald Duck's face over the face of the man. On the other one there was a sticker of Mickey Mouse complete with big ears. I grinned.

This isn't someone criminally defacing a disability symbol, this is someone having fun. We parked with Donald, I've always preferred him to Mickey, and I said to Joe, now that's pretty cool.

So, in Woodstock at least, Mick and Don are members of the crip camp!! I'm not sure what they'd make of that at Disney but I hope they'd grin. I hope they'd like the idea that the images of two of their characters appealed, for the first time in years, to a man near 60.


karen said...


I call these attitude adjustments. I get them regularly.

Kristin said...

I love the idea of Mickey and Donald being part of the "crip camp".

Anonymous said...

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