Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tweet Tweet

So, it's four o'clock in the morning and I'm awake. I often get up early, enjoying the quiet of the morning. But today I want to sleep but can't. I get up and pad down the hallway to the computer. My house wheelchair waits for me, my housecoat draped over it, I shrug it on and snuggle into my chair.

My view, out the window over the computer, is of condos, a sterile looking building in which no one ever seems to be home. In the early morning like this there are no lights on, which makes the darkness thicker. If anyone looked out from their window there, they'd see me here in the faint glow of the computer.

The only other light on in the room is the yellow light indicating that my power wheelchair is still charging. The charger sits atop the liquor cabinet and the white cord snakes down and then couples into the slot underneath the hand controls. I still haven't decided if I'm riding the power chair to work today or if I'm going in my manuel. I'm worried because there are some small spaces to negotiate to get up and into the office.

Checking my email, there are a couple short notes from friends, one request for me to move 5 million dollars out of Africa and into the hands of the needy, and one email from a woman named Bunny who sent me her picture. She looks ... swollen. I save the notes from friends and decide to forgo the 5 million dollars and Bunny's charms.

Now it's time to write my blog. I tried last night but nothing came. I was too full of the book club, but that's over and I feel like I have to have something new. I sat with the empty 'compose' box in front of me and watch the last half of Jeopardy rather than write anything. I open the compose box again and realize that I still don't have anything much to write about.

So, I decided just to twitter away my morning. Now I've never received a tweet. Don't really know what twitter is. But I understand it's just writing exactly what's happening now.


I think I'll go back to bed.


Heather said...

I love the quiet of the early morning.. . thinking time.

Good post :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Now you have explored twitter, take a look at this site, it is right up your alley; hilarious and thought provolking.
T from MI

ORION said...

I want to say thanks so much for having me yesterday.
Much aloha
Patricia Wood
(and really...sometimes blog posts about nothing are just what's needed...)

skylark said...

I made the error of saying a person was going to send a twit and had twitted following the obvious logical language connection, to the obvious hilarity of everyone,and of course the butt of jokes that included variations of other similar language connections t.at! t.atted! still don't know what its about

enablescotland said...

So, are you on twitter then? Can we follow you?

Dave Hingsburger said...

No, No, I am NOT on twitter!! I don't even really know what it is ....I'm not on Facebook or any of those kind of places ...

Dovic said...

you should be on twitter...you would love it and all would love you :)