Monday, May 11, 2009

Shameless Promotion

For those who are interested, I'm speaking in the Toronto area twice in June ...

On June 2nd I'm speaking at the conference for Self Advocates and their Care Providers ... Both Sides Now ... and by the by Justin Hines will be playing at this conference - his new CD is just being released, check him out. He's an awesome musician and I'm excited to meet him.


On June 19 I'm giving a conference called Self Awareness, Self Esteem and Self Advocacy ... this is a conference primarily for care providers.

More information can be had by finding the flyers at

or by calling Rose at Vita ... 416-749-6234 and asking for Rose to send you the details via email. If you are registering as a result of this notice, please let Rose know.

Hope to see you there ... anyone attending who is a CTF reader, please, please say hello. I like to meet you.


rickismom said...

Dave, You haven't posted yet when or where you will be in Israel, which you mentioned a while back. I really would like to be able to come hear you speak in person.
Did you see this? It looks very much like the face of our future.....(SIGH)

Andrea S. said...

rickismom, thanks for sharing the "Justice for Annie" link -- I've now shared it with my Facebook friends, and also found the facebook group and joined it.