Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Spock and Me

I wonder if any of you readers are Star Trek fans. While I wouldn't say we are Trekkies, we both did like pretty much all versions of the show (with the exception of Deep Space 9 or 8 or 42 or whatever it was). In the origninal series there was an episode where the crew arrived on a mining planet where there were these burrowing aliens that looked like they were scabby marshmallows. They had killed one of the miners and Kirk and crew were there to defend fellow humans. One of the creatures is shot and when it is cornered in order to communicate with it Spock does a Vulcan mind meld (Spock only touched aliens that Kirk didn't want to bed.) When their minds meet Spock calls out in a hollow voice ....



P. A. I. N.

Well that's kind of what old Spock would hear if he did that Voodoo thing he do to me. We are on a road trip consulting for two days and speaking at a conference for one day. Joe went to pick up the rental car and even though we always use this company, even though we have specified that one of the passengers has a disability and uses a wheelchair (that would be me for those not keeping up) they keep giving us inappropriate cars. This time it was the Nitro. That frigging car is so high up that it is daunting to get into and horrible for lifting the chair in. On my first attempt I sprained my knee. Badly.

All the way up to our first stop I rocked with pain. I was concerned about what I'd do when I got there because, man I was in pain. I kept saying to Joe that I wouldn't be able to get into the building. I wouldn't be able to make it because I wouldn't be able to weight bear on my leg. So we called the company, arranged to drop this one off and pick up another ... but first Joe had to get me to work and then he could go exchange cars.

We got there and, I needn't have worried. In all that pain I forgot.

I have a wheelchair.

Thank God.




Anonymous said...

OOf. I hope you have cold packs & strapping to hand. They do help.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your pain. I understand about cars not being easily accessible. I used to drive a van and when my 86 year old mother would visit, I had to carry a stepstool sort of thing so she could get in and out of it. Now I have a Smartcar so all is better.

On the Star Trek theme, one of my co-workers has coined a new phrase - Volcon - this is someone who at one time expressed a willingness to participate (hence vol for volunteer) and has now basically been conscripted (and there you have the con) into taking on the project or at least being a VERY active participant! It also suits the Spock identity that you don't really quite know exactly where it came from, it is totally unexpected, you learn new things and so on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Last night I went to hear artist Dan Keplinger speak. He is the subject of the Oscar winning documentary "King Gimp". (He uses the word gimp because he states it means "fighting spirit" and that how he thinks of himself.) He spent a lot of time talking about his wheelchair and how he feels about it. He explained that it is the ultimate in a love/hate relationship and he has made it the focal point of quite a few of his paintings. Dan and his girlfried are going to be married in 3 weeks, so for the last part of his presentation, they danced to their wedding song. Beautiful.
Sorry about about your knee. You could use RICE.

Wishing you and Joe a blessed day!


Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

Welcome to my world Dave! I live in unrelenting constant pain, sorry you had to take a detour into my land! I hope you get out really soon (and I mean that with best regards in mind! lol)
Feel better soon.
Soli Deo GLoria
REformed girl

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