Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Club: The Sequel

Well, it's that time again, Chewing the Fat's Disability Book Club. I propose that we read Zoo Station by David Downing, a book which I just finished and is a rip roaring read. It, like our last book by Mary Doria Russell's Thread of Grace, is set in World War II and deals with disability history as a major plot point. I don't like spoilers so I'll just talk a wee bit about the writing.

Many historical novels bog down because the author has a need to throw every bit of research into the text. Downing manages amazing historical accuracy (there were things here I didn't know, I'd stop and go to the computer to find out if what I was reading was historically accurate, it always was) but does not sacrifice pacing along the way. In fact this book is breathless in it's pacing, racing you along from person to person and scene to scene.

There is much to discuss here that is of interest to the disability community. While there is only one minor character with a disability - disability is a theme. The parents of a child with a disability are featured more prominently and give us a glimpse into a dark, dark time.

I flat out loved this book. It came as a surprise. I had purchased it because Joe is a huge fan of WW II literature and I read a review of the book (which oddly didn't mention the disability angle) and picked it up. As I read along I was startled after the first brief hint of disability history grew into something much more.

This is an important book, true, but it's a great read too. I hope a lot of you sign up to read along. I'm figuring that I'll wait to see if we get 6 or more and then I'll set a date.

The book is available in soft cover.

How the book club works. We all read the book and on a particular, agreed upon, day one of two things happens. For those with blogs and who wish to, they write a blog about the book and guide us to their blog via the comment section on Chewing the Fat. Others without blogs or who wish to only comment, feedback is simply left here on fat's comment section. I will, of course, blog about the book that day as well so everyone will know exactly where to comment and where to read about others reactions to the book.

Last year we were fortunate to have the author drop in with a comment. I've not been able to find a contact for this author yet, but it's still early.


Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

I'll try to get it from my library, they can often find me books in other libraries if they don't have them.
Barnes and Noble has it on for $12! but then you have to pay shipping. (the link is http://search.barnesandnoble.com/BookSearc/results.asp?ATH=David+Downing)

this book doesn't come in audio for the people out there who are visually impaired or have learning disabilities but I would be happy to read it aloud (I don't know if that would be breaking any copyright laws but I could read it in a closed blog that people could be invited to so it wouldn't be in public)

I read aloud often at work, I can't promise it would be great but there ya have it.

If I can get a hold of the book for minimal cost, I'm totally in!

Let me know if anyone needs any help!

I love books! I don't like insomnia! Dave I hope you aren't up this early! I hope this was a scheduled post!

Soli Deo Gloria
REformed Girl

Dave Hingsburger said...

H Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain, it's also available from Amazon.ca for 11.32 plus shipping. I'm up early but not that early, I go to bed around 8 so anything between 8 and 4 is a scheduled post.

Anonymous said...

I remember you mentioned reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle a while back...you didn't give that the full book club treatment, did you?

Will investigate the book you're talking about today. I'm always up for a good read.

theknapper said...

Just put in a request at my local library. I'm #1 so should get it later this week. I'm in!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave:

I'm in for the book club. Am going to try and recruit some friends too.


Terri said...

I'm in.

Suelle said...

I'm in too!

Dave Hingsburger said...

OK, all, 6 is fine for now, others may join in. How about I give you two months. That allows time to get the book and then read it. So that would be May 11th. So get cracking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave:

There may be more - I am recruiting colleagues. So far I have 2 more to add to the list.


Anonymous said...

I have got the book on order from amazon, can I be in too?


Dave Hingsburger said...

The more the merrier, this book has important information and a rip snorting plot.

Anonymous said...

Requested a copy from my local library and it arrived immediately. Need to get through Gilead (another one you might like, Dave and CTF pals) before moving on. Looking forward to Zoo Station.