Monday, February 02, 2009

Vita Presentation: By Request

I'm hesitant to do this but a number of 'CTF' readers have written to ask about the presentation I am doing in Toronto. It is indeed open to the public and I'm attaching the information from the flyer. Today's post follows this one.

Dave Hingsburger Presents:

Communication, Hierarchy and Rapport:
A Workshop About Listening

Friday March 27, 2009

The relationship between care provider and care recipient is fraught with all sorts of perils. Control issues can create an ‘us against them’ atmosphere wherein compliance becomes more important than compassion – an atmosphere wherein the ‘everyday abuse’ of power is both encouraged and accepted. This workshop begins by taking a hard look at the things that get in the way of ‘listening’ to someone with a disability. Using lecture, group activities and role plays, attendees will be able to examine their own issues regarding power and control and determine the best way to establish a trusting rapport with those in their care. Dealing with deep issues with humour, this fast paced workshop aims to provide both new skills and renewed motivation for all who work directly with those who have disabilities.

Register early as seating is limited

Watch for these two upcoming exciting workshops:

Making Contact, Making Connections, Making Community.
The Heart of the Matter:Sexuality and Relationships for People with Disabilities

About the presentor:

Dave Hingsburger is Vita’s Director of Clinical and Educational Services and a well known international expert on the issues of disability, rights and self advocacy. He has written more than 30 books and hundreds of articles. Dave lectures internationally and his work has been recognized as groundbreaking and innovative.

Cost: $100 per person, $80 per person if registering 5 or more

How to Register:

Contact Rose Castronovo at VITA Community Living Services by Friday March 20, 2009

TELEPHONE: 416 - 749-6234 ext. 211 FAX: 416 - 749-1456
MAIL: VITA Community Living Services


burntout said...

Thank You Dave for sharing the info on the Vita presentation. Hopefully I'll be able to attend.

Anonymous said...

Dave, have you seen this? A man in India is seeking for permission to kill his three sons, all of whom have intellectual disabilities: