Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Trip on the Special Bus

It felt weird. I was strapped in tight. Joe waved at the door. For all the world it seemed like he was sending 'little Davy' off to school on his first day. Yep, I was being carted to work in wheelchair accessible transit. I was on the special bus. Over the years I've had dealings with WheelTrans, and was prepared for anything. But I got a nice driver and a smooth ride.

Years ago I gave a lecture at the University of Victoria in the very lecture hall I'd taken my first psych class from Dr. Pam Duncan. It was a huge hall and I sat up near the back. Now giving the lecture, rather than attending one, I looked up and saw the seat where I always sat. I had a huge realization. The professor could see me. Somehow I thought I was invisble up there, but I wasn't. Wow.

It was the same experience being in the bus. It was like people didn't think I could see them. They could see me, stare at me, react to me, but there wasn't conciousness that I could see them back. Now, tobesure, most people didn't notice either the bus or me sitting in it. But those that did, DID. Some looked faintly annoyed, like I was personally reaching into their pocket and taking out tax dollars. Others stared like they'd never seen a fat guy in a chair before. A few others smiled and waved as if across a border, from their land to mine.


What was really cool was the fact that I rode so high. I now saw what truckers see when they look down into cars. I saw a woman using a laptop while driving. DRIVING. I saw a man shaving, wet shaving, a blade, in a car. Right. But the big thing, well it wasn't actually big, I saw this guy in a very fancy car playing with himself as he drove by. I can now say with some certainty that there really is a reason for some men to buy big cars. What a trip!!

We took an odd route to get to work as we had to pick up another passenger. She turned out to be a very elderly Chinese woman with a very expensiver looking walker. She had her name written in bold letters on the seat of the walker and when she sat down on the bus I could hear the exhaustion of the walk in her chest. But she looked up at me and smiled.

I arrived in plenty of time for work. The driver gave me, as a first time rider, a series of helpful tips for booking rides and for ensuring timeliness. As he was unstrapping me I said, "Did you see the guy in the car ..."

"Today was nothing sir, nothing," he said.

Well, well, well, I'm going to get to know Toronto, raw.


Kei said...

Oh, wow... that was nothing he said?!? I'm sure your new view on the world from a higher spot will mean some interesting blogs to come! LOL

Caroline said...

Take a camera! Not only can you photograph the people who stare at you, at this rate you will have a bestselling coffee table book by Christmas - "View from The Wheelchair Bus" - it's a winner!

Unknown said...

ROTFL!!! Honestly, when I said "man you need to get a grip" that wasn't what I had in mind!!!

I can't wait for stories from the next trip!

theknapper said...

All I can think of is that children's song, "The people in the bus go up & down"......except it's "The man in the car......"
Excuse me I'm abit punchy....looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

Shan said...

I used to see some very peculiar things riding transit in Victoria for years. I don't think I ever saw any masturbation though - or if I did it was going on through clothes which I'm sure is still not very safe.