Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Letter In The Mail

Many years ago I was worried about a young friend. I didn't know how to help. I knew my help wasn't wanted. So, I wrote down a meditation and sent it in the mail. When I got home today there was a letter for me from my young friend. It was a lovely note saying that the meditation I had sent had been a big part of recovery, a big part of growing up. Inside the letter was a folded piece of paper that looked like it had travelled thousands of miles and been openned thousands of times. "I have this memorized, I think it's time you passed it on to someone else." I held the paper in my hand and openned it. I remembered the difficulties faced, the anger expressed, but I only barely remembered sending this.

It meant much to another, so I'll send it along to you. I can't recreate the layout, there were three columns each with a 'when you' kind of statement and then a one word response underneath the statement. Blogger won't let me lay it out that way, or maybe blogger would but I don't know how, so I've done my best.

Here follows, on the next post, my Meditations.


Kei said...

I'll be sure to check your blog the moment I boot up and go online tomorrow.

How wonderful to know that your unsolicited help was a key part of recovery for someone... enough that they would like you to pass it on.

deb said...


snxious anticipation for tomorrow mornng's post.


deb said...

oops... i meant "anxious".. Geez, it's a good thing I don't type for a living!!


Anonymous said...

I think that when these things come back to us after a period of time it is like God patting us on the back and saying, "good job" esp. when we just did the right thing to do. Can't wait for your meditation tomorrow.

stinkypaw said...

Nice gesture and even nicer of him to send it back. I did that once for a friend and I remember when I got my little mouse back I cried, because it also meant a lot to me.