Monday, April 14, 2008

Clean Shaved

It wouldn't have been so bad, except, I shaved.

Part of the reason we chose this weekend to go down to Toronto to apartment hunt was that Ted, a friend of Joe's, was having his 50th birthday party on Sunday. It made sense to look for apartments on Saturday, stay overnight, and then go to the part on Sunday. We stayed in and ordered Chinese from our favourite restaurant and watched television. Not exactly burning up the night life but nice anyways.

In the morning I shaved as part of the morning ritual, something I never do on Sunday, because we were going to a party where I was simply 'the guy who lives with Joe' and wanted to look as nice as possible. I know everyone there thought that Joe had 'mated down' and though I can't ever look handsome, I can, at least, look clean. So I did what I could to look the best I could even so far as to shaving ... on a Sunday.

The party wasn't until three so we went to a movie at the new complex downtown and then came back to the hotel to check out. I packed up the computer while Joe got the rest ready. On our way down my front wheel got caught in the crack between elevator and floor and we had to get me out of the chair and then wrench the chair up and out of the crack. As we did so the rubber came off the wheel leaving the wheelchair almost useless.

Luckily the car was just outside the doors to the north tower of the hotel and the elevator is only a few feet from the doors. We got me to the car, then the chair and luggage. What to do, what to do. I clearly can't go to a party walking because, um, I don't walk. My wheelchair is useless, we don't want to damage the wheel by trying to use it in this condition. We went to a couple of garages to see if there was someone to help get the rubber back on the wheel. None had anyone approaching a mechanic on duty.

Joe said, simply, "Let's just go home, I'll call Ted tomorrow." I felt like shit. I suggested that we go by the party and I'll just stay in the car. That, apparently, wasn't an option. So home we came.

Yeah, some say I'm confined to a wheelchair. I saw the joke in that yesterday. My wheelchair continues to liberate me, make me able, make me free. Without it I become less of who I am. First thing this morning, I'm getting the wheel fixed.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Ted, we almost came to your party. I even shaved.


Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting commentary on wheelchairs and how they affect people's lives:

Cindy B.

Shan said...

I wouldn't have thought the rubber would be so hard to fix....That's too bad, I'm sorry you and Joe had to miss the party.

All 4 My Gals said...

That stinks, but you teach me so much in the way you handle the daily hassles of life.

Today while trying to get ready for Tarenne's IEP the dog rolled in a cow pile (maybe I should move to the city with you) then Emery locked said dog into Darrah's room. I had to take the door knob off to rescue the dog all the while wanting to lock Emery in the room in place of the dog. :)

By the way you're the only man my Joe is jealous of! (Dave says....) Your beauty is obvious to us all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave and Joe

Life is like that sometimes, and you missed a really good party. David when you are in a room, you are never 'the guy who lives with Joe' well you are but not in those terms alone. Yes I love my Joe time, but you have no idea of some of the time I follow you and your work on the Net. Many papers and topics that I very impationed to read or follow as they relate to my family and the world. Joe and I can laugh and laugh, and yes laugh some more, and then there is the beer. Your becoming disabled, is equally becoming enabling to you the world around. I would have love to seen you at the party, however, I have a car and you are going to get the chair fixed. If I can help with the search let me know.

Hugs to both
Ted and Nick,
ps I am not a great speller or writer, WHERE are they?