Sunday, November 11, 2007


Flipping around the television stations in a hotel room we fell upon an old Bruce Willis movie neither of us had seen. We were both grumpy from the days events and were both struggling to regain control of the rest of the day. When suddenly there was a 'Screech' and a 'Crunch' and we were both glued to the screen.

There ain't much that goes wrong that can't be fixed by a good car chase.

I came out of the store in the mall, fuming, I'd tried to get help from a clerk who just couldn't see me. I wouldn't have needed any help at all if the aisles had been just a little bit wider. But she just would not, either see me or hear me. I burned. After pushing into the mall, I noticed that they had a coffee shop plunked in the middle of the walkway.

There ain't much that goes wrong that can't be fixed by a good cuppa tea.

Answering the phone as I was powering up the laptop to write my daily blog, I simply said 'hello'. On the phone was a woman who had taken exception to something I had said in a lecture. Even though we had talked on the day, agreed to disagree on the point, she's been calling every few days to continue the discussion. It's beginning to feel like stalking. I try to stay calm and listen. It's hard. I check hotmail and find my niece has sent me an email.

There ain't much that goes wrong that can't be fixed by a joke email about testicles.

Perhaps it's because it's Sunday and I'm at home and feeling peaceful, perhaps it's because I'm feeling like I'm in a state of gratitude ... but I marvel at the ways - in each day - no matter the hardship - the indignity - the sheer grind of living - there are antidotes to what could poison a day, an attitude, a life.

So ... "Hey, God, Thanks."


paula said...

That is what is so wonderful about life, there are so many things that can change your mood or view that can be so simple.
For me it is things like a smile or hug from my sons, the beautiful, warm sunshine on my face, the innocence of a child.
Some times we get so busy and caught up in our own things that we forget to take a second and look around us and see the wonders.

A.J. said...

Grand Rapids, Michigan? You're in my backyard. :o) Lecturing anywhere else in the West Michigan Area this week?

As my 10-year-old son is beginning to become very curious about the anatomical differences the opposite sex has available to look (stare) at, I just bought the book "Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality"...noted you were referenced a few! Would love to catch one of your lectures if you're still in the area.