Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Send'er Down

"Send'er down Jesus. They're the one's who pray for sun. I'm the one who prays for rain!!"

With a shout he shot off.

I was sitting in my wheelchair just outside the grocery store waiting for Joe to brave the elements and bring the car up to the door so I could get in without getting to wet. The day had turned from a hot sunny one slowly in to one with dark clouds threatening rain.

When we dashed into the grocery store to pick up some stuff for the hotel room, I noticed him sitting outside chatting to those who came in. He's one of those guys with disabilities that you see in every town, sitting in similar doorways - part of the brick and mortar of the place. Known to everyone without being known by anyone. Other cars pulled up and people piled in.

Just as Joe arrived I heard the shout.

"Send'er down Jesus. They're the one's who pray for sun. I'm the one who prays for rain."

Then he grabbed his wheels and was off like a shot. The rain pelted down on him and he moved like lightening. As Joe was getting in the car I was saying, "Look, look at that guy in the wheelchair." Joe said he didn't see anyone but I did I mean the guy that was chatting with everyone when we went in.

"Ya," I said and told him what the guy had said. By the time we got to the entrance to the parking lot, the wheelchair prophet was sitting waiting for the light. The rain puddled around him and he just smiled.

"Send'er down Jesus!" we heard as we drove away.

I'll just bet that heaven knows the guy who prays for rain.

The guy who's prayers sound different.

The guy who isn't whining for sun, for money, for good days.

The guy who prays for rain.

What a relief to hear from someone who isn't asking for wants or wealth or women.

Who doesn't want God to be a Merlin making everything magically better.

Constantly spring.

Forever joyous.

"Send'er down Jesus. They're the ones who pray for sun. I'm the one who prays for rain."

This is why.

Completely why.

The world needs diversity.

Because who else but a guy in a wheelchair in Windsor would, on a sunny day, pray for rain.

"Send'er down Jesus!"


lina said...

Send'er down Jesus - absolutely beautiful and leave it to you to hear and notice. While the rest of us rush around, oblivious to the beauty around us. Send'er down Jesus - will be in my heart, and become a saying I think - for some time.

Anonymous said...

Well Dave - his prayer was heard all the way here Down Under as tis raining here today :) Hope you have a great day!I got up and said to my hubby- look-rain and we opened up the curtains- my 3 year old looked outside and gleefully exclaimed "MUD PUDDLES!!!"" and proceeded to go and jump in them :) Joyous indeed!! Thanks for sharing.