Friday, January 19, 2007

Simple Solutions

Just a quick post today. We sat on a highway for two hours as a huge accident was cleared from the highway. Snow had fallen all day and we were tense before we left on the drive from Kamloops to Salmon Arm - and sure enough we sat as emergency vehicles flew by. We could see lights flashing in the distance. The radio told us a collision had blocked traffic both ways. By the time we drove by it was dark, the road was icy and snow was beginning to fall again. It took four hours to drive less than 100k.

So, I'm tired.

But the call of the computer in the hotel lobby is strong.

So let me tell you of a brief conversation of a conversation I had with Gary in Vernon the other day. He was telling me of the closure of a group home and of the move of a young man in to less traditional care. This guy had been a behaviour problem for ten years. He had the uncanny ability to strike the walls between the struts and do remarkable damage.

During the move this fellows family and support workers sat down to talk. To do an annual plan. They decided to rid themselves of the 'he will go to the library' type of goals. After much puzzling they came up with a goal. Simply stated they hoped it would radically change what needed to be radically changed.

He will be happy and live harmoniously with himself.

Then they set out to make reach this goal. They set out to find what made him happy. What gave him peace. That was their only goal.

He's happy.

He lives in harmony.

Seek and ye shall find.

They sought, he's been found.


Lily said...

Okay, this post is fairly screaming... "PRINT ME AND SHARE ME!"...

Thanks yet again, Dave!

JudyN said...

Thank you so much for today's workshop in Kamloops.While the snow fell outside all day we were inside dry and warm.
However leaving the inside and going out into the snow storm reminded me in many ways of the struggle to achieve community living that we spoke about in the workshop.
Some times the roads are blocked,some paths are icy and cold, sometimes there are emergencies and hopefully there is a warm and friendly shelter at the end of our days journey.
I am glad that you made it safely on your journey today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave- Thanx for the awesome reminder of what I do-and what I always must remember is my goal. Helping others reach their goal of happiness and peace. Sometimes I can't believe I get paid for this!
Despite the treacherous drive, I'm so envious of the road-travel you and Joe get to do. I love driving and admiring the scenery(although you probably weren't admiring the black-ice and the flashing lights!). Thanx for still posting though you're on the road.Frances

lina said...

What an amazing goal - wow, shouldn't this actually be our mission in work - again, words to live by.
thanks Dave.