Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm in Princeton after a harrowing trip over the Rockies. We hit snow last week and driving has been ... challenging ... for most of our time here on the coast. But now, after a nice weekend, I'm getting ready to start the BC portion of the lecture trip. Tomorrow I'm doing a training on Rights for the self-advocates here and in the afternoon I'm doing a training for staff and family. Even though I've done these kinds of things a lot, I still prepare - both by going over my notes and by getting in the right frame of mind.

It's perfect that I'm starting with the self advocate group, it's nice to be reminded why I do what I do by spending time with people that I do it for. I remember, years ago, when I consulted for Behaviour Management in their offices in Oak Ridges, I would start the day after going to Daybreak, the L'Arche community just south of there, for the morning service. I'd sit with others, some with disabilities, some without, and we'd pray together.

One Sunday, when the service had been run by a wonderful woman - I don't know what faith she represented, I went up to take communion. I recieved my bread from a woman with Down Syndrome. I was fed by her. I saw her hands as they slowly passed the bread to me, I saw her eyes as she looked at me with prayer in her eyes.

It was a truly remarkable moment. Two children of God in the act of worship - together, equal, family.

It's important for me to always remember why I'm here, what I'm doing. Like pushing the "refresh" button on the computer, it's nice to have those moments when the politics, the interpersonal ca-ca, the mindnumbing paperwork seem to get in the way.

It's about communion and community. It's about a shared visioin.

I look forward to having that vision affirmed today.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dave - i've just read this and it has hit home to me that so often we can miss these moments in the business of our day, what you so rightly say "ca-ca", paperwork and what I call "dross". Thank you for reminding me and sharing these things to the world. God bless.