Tuesday, October 09, 2018


I am going back to work today.

As you know I've been quite ill and as a result had very low energy for almost 10 days. Getting up this morning was really difficult because I'd had a poor sleep. I went to bed with the feeling of being a child about to go back to school in September. I was excited.

I'm very fortunate that I'm able to keep doing what I love doing. I love the sense of purpose that I get from working with people with disabilities, my team in clinical services and Vita the agency I work for. There is something powerful in having a day full of meaning. Yes there are frustrations and disagreements, but those are usually founded on two people who care clashing over how we can best support one. Clashes aren't to be sought out, but they aren't to be feared either. If the outcome is better service, how can that be wrong?

It will be a long drive down, first day after a long weekend, but I'm even looking forward to that! Just being back in the routine. Listening to the news on CBC, listening to classical music to calm us down after listening to the news on CBC, that's our tradition. But mostly it's the feeling of being, forgive me for my age, back in the groove. Back to real life.

I'm still a bit weak. I'm still a bit tired. But I am healed. So, no more days focused on getting better, the focus now goes to being better. That's sometimes a harder transition than I'd like to admit.


clairesmum said...

Hope your first day goes well....and you'll be a different kind of tired tonight.....

ABEhrhardt said...

Hope the day goes as well as you need it to, and please take it easy and give yourself some slack when trying to make up the time and the work.

I would be so excited if I were able to go back to work!