Monday, October 08, 2018


Ruby and Sadie both needed new housecoats. This meant that we got to go shopping and we headed over to the mall. After dining at the food court, we headed on our quest. The first two stores didn't have robes, the third one did. They each picked the one in their size and they put them on. As I sat in my chair looking at them I couldn't really see if they were a good fit or not. I thought both of them looked a bit too small.

They had flung on the robes over their street clothes and while Sadie was still picking hers out, I looked at Ruby wearing her choice.She was struggling to get it to hang right, I called her to me and said, "I'd like to see if this fits properly, do I have your permission to pull the coat from behind you so it wraps all the way around." She nodded. I did and it fit. Next up was Sadie and she had the same problem with the robe not naturally falling over her street clothes. I called her to me and asked her the same question, I wanted her permission to just pull the robe further around. She agreed. In this case, Sadie's was too small so she got a larger size.

I hadn't noticed that the sales clerk was standing off to the side.

She was crying.

I hate to say this, but I think I know why.



Don't assume you have it.




It isn't hard.


Unknown said...

I'm crying now, too.

clairesmum said...

An ordinary moment...a teaching moment...a grace moment.
And 2 new housecoats to wrap up Ruby and Sadie with love.

ABEhrhardt said...

You really pay attention. I love that.

wheeliecrone said...

And well done, you.

You are helping Ruby and Sadie to learn that they deserve to be treated with respect.

So many women never learn that, because their parents, relatives, and adult friends did not model that behaviour while the women were girls. They never learned that they deserved to be treated with respect. So they permit others to disrespect them, and they treat themselves with disdain.

I say it again, Dave. Well done, you!