Tuesday, September 14, 2010

About Nothing Really

I noticed it as we drove through town towards the hotel. It was a warm early fall day and the door was wide open, as if in invitation. When I got out of the car at the hotel, I told Joe that I'd noticed a small pub a block or so away from the hotel. More than that I noticed that it had a nice flat entrance. We decided, on the spur of the moment to go over for a pint. Well, Joe had a 'black and tan' and I had a soda water.

There were just a few locals there, it being early afternoon, but it was nice to be in a pub just the same. We chatted a bit with the bartender, who told us about getting lost up in Canada. We chatted a bit with a woman who's son had moved 'up Canada way'. We weren't there long. But it was nice.

There is no point to this blog. Nothing happened.

Just wanted to say how nice it was to see a door that opened to all. It was an old building so accessibility wasn't planned, it just was ... how cool is that?

Before we left we toasted being back on the road, in a pub, with a door that I could get into. It shouldn't be cause for notice, or celebration, or a blog post. But, for now, it still is ...


Kristin said...

Posts about nothing can be really good things. Glad you had a good time out.

Kathryn said...

It is, is right. The lack of accessibility for wheelchair users in Boston is pretty appalling. Great post about nothing...!