Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pretty People

"Well I see it's not just the pretty people in town." It was a remark that brought down the house. I was driving along in my power wheelchair headed in to do some shopping. I couldn't use the sidewalk as it was full of a line-up of people waiting to go inside to see one of the movies in Toronto's Film Festival. Forced off into the street, I made my way without concern or really complaint. I've never been able to attend the festival as I've always been away working. This is as close as I've ever got it it.

Then I turned onto Bloor street and a gaggle of festival goers were standing looking at a display at the corner of a small street. It's an impressive display. Again, they were taking up nearly the whole side walk so I asked them, politely to move, they did. One of them snickered and then decided to make a remark - funny to his friends, hurtful to me. He said it loud enough for me to believe that his intent was that I hear it and his intent was that I would be hurt by it.

I'd love to tell you that I've come to an age or a maturity wherein the casual cruelty of strangers no longer affects me. But, I'm human. It did. Not deeply. But just enough that if I reflected on it, my day would be ruined. We had a lovely afternoon planned. Movie with a friend, an adventure on the subway, cooking a spaghetti wump up. I made the active decision to simply put it away. Take it out of my conciousness and proceed apace. That's the only thing that defeats either international or interpersonal terrorism.

It was hard though because as we came out of the shopping center and up into the mall, near where the theatre is, there were Toronto Film Festival people everywhere. They were animatedly talking about some movie they'd just seen and resented having to step aside for either Joe or myself. They all seemed to have adopted the air of real importance about them. As if they were THE INDUSTRY. "Umm, you have all taken a few days off to go to movies, that's cool and all, but, umm, going to a movie isn't the same as starring in it 'K?" Sheesh.

I felt some anxiety leaving the mall and going out onto the street. Joe was with me now and that gave me some comfort. But I didn't want to see those people again, cause you see, it's not just the pretty people in town, so you've got to be a bit careful.


OhWheely . . said...

What a complete a**hole!

I sincerely hope that you didn't let him spoil your day.

Heather x

wendy said...

I don't understand people who have the need to hurt others at random with their mean mouths.

I hope the rest of your day was sweeter.

lisa said...

Obviously those people don't have "pretty" souls. Fortunately you do.


ivanova said...

If I run into those people, I'll make sure to kneecap them.

Anonymous said...

Pretty is as pretty does. And they don't.