Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And TheWinner Is ...

The awards were lined up on the table waiting to be given out. The room was full of mostly direct care staff. Lunch had been cleared away and now it was time to give out awards to individuals for initiatives in caring over the last year. The awards were wisely given to individuals who had managed do care - as is required by pay - they managed to care creatively. In such a way that the lives of those in their care were enriched.

It was a fun ceremony and it was great watching these people, old and young, come up and be acknowledged. All were touched. None could really say anything - being choked up and touch embarassed. They were warmly applauded by their peers. This was a mulitagency event, yet they managed a spirit of warm cooperation that spoke of a, rare, understanding of a higher and unifying purpose.

These everyday hero's will probably never walk a red carpet. They will probably never be handed a gold statue. What's cool is, I don't think they care. They seem to simply want to go to work and to they best they can to provide thoughtful and creative service to people with disabilities.

I was honoured to be in their presence.

My gift to them was words.

Their gift to me was example.

Both precious.

Neither will gather dust. And, wonderfully, regifting is encouraged.


Kristin said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,
I was there, I won the "Golden Heart" award. I said the idiodic comment about "being happy just to be there to listen to "this guy' " - you! I wanted you to know your gift of words
( ok, up until I WON the was so recharging. I had just given a PCP (yeah sometimes it feels like SOME partake of drugs before the meeting)where the person who employs me - that I have worked for for 12 years was denied the fruition of even ONE of his list of dreams by his guardian. He was not "ALLOWED" ONE DREAM!!!!! I was crushed and debating if I belonged in this field if I could not help ONE person attain ONE dream. I, ON THE WAY TO THE CONFERENCE, spoke to a supervisor about leaving..... I will stay to fight because of your words and encouragement. he will be "ALLOWED" to dream!!!! And I will fight like hell to make it happen. YOU ROCKED my world, thank you stranger for making a difference in my life and thereby in the lives of those I serve.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you know, but this week is National Direct Support Professionals Recognition week in the USA. It's good to hear that staff are appreciated on both sides of the border! :)

I feel sorry for those who don't understand DSP's. Who don't know that a little more pay, a little more training and a little more appreciation would go a long way. That's for shining a little light on the subject in your blog.

Don from Missouri